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The Onboarding Solution for the Legal Sector

The identity verification and AML compliance platform. Built for security. Loved by lawyers.

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Biometric verification platform

Verify 365 supports over 10,000 government issued IDs from over 195 countries. Our global reach allows you to verify your clients from all corners of the world. Verify 365 offers highly automated biometric verification to make this quick and simple, so you always know your clients.

NFC Document verification

With our new NFC-chip reader verification technology, we can verify a person’s identity document in a matter of seconds. Not only does this make our mobile verification flows more convenient, but NFC verification is also a much more secure method of data validation and compliant with HMLR.

Open Banking Statements

Verify 365 will verify source of funds securely and easily through our FCA-regulated Open Banking technology. Our Account Information Service extracts individual or company transactions and balance data from multiple accounts, using bank-side authentication and consent processes.

AML & KYC COMPLIANCE made simple

More than identity verification!

Ensure that clients are who they claim to be through our AI-powered facial recognition software. Stay compliant in the knowledge your AML due diligence is completed quickly and securely. Our identity document checks are 98% automated, making verification lightning fast and automated decisions clear and logical.

Verify 365 is changing the face of identity checks for lawyers

Verify 365 identity verification platform was developed by lawyers for lawyers. We don’t place unnecessary obstacles between your clients and the platform. You can leave the identity verification process to us and focus on doing what you do best - being a lawyer. While our verification flows look simple, most of the work happens behind the scenes. Browser and device analytics, background video checks and other data cross-checking methods run in the background to maximise accuracy, ensuring you stay fully compliant with the SRA and HMLR digital verification and AML standards.
Accurate and complete bank account transaction data to verify source of funds


For lawyers, a thorough anti-money laundering source of funds check is critical to cover SRA-requirements and reduce money laundering fraud risks. Collecting paper statements from your clients can lead to long turnaround times. With Verify 365, your clients transaction data is guaranteed to be authentic and complete, and it's instantly available, analysed and verified without the need to request additional bank statements.
What we do

How we keep you protected

Fraud Protection

Through our AI software, we are able to cross compare an individual and their identification to ascertain their true identity.


All information is encrypted, so we protect both you and your client through high-end encryption to ensure no cyber threats.


We support the legal sector stay compliant by automating and streamlining the AML and KYC process.


We provide reports on every verification, offering you with a detailed breakdown of your client's verification data.


While our verification flows look simple, most of the work happens behind the scenes, including biometric checks, PEPs & sanctions checks, etc.


Security is at the heart of everything we do. We take every precaution to ensure you don't have to worry about any cyber threats.


Whether you’re an established law firm or an ambitious legal startup, our pricing structure caters to solicitors firms of all sizes and budgets.

Free Trial
Try Before You Buy
  • 5 free verifications
  • 30 days free trial
  • Unlimited team members
  • Downloadable verification reports
  • -- Verify 365 Trial Includes --
  • International document verification
  • International identity verification
  • Document ownership verification (NFC)
  • Global PEPs & Sanctions check
  • Address verification
  • Source of Wealth verification
  • Source of Funds verification
  • Admin access to all verifications
  • Business verifications
Verify Express
Minimum 10 Verifications PCM
  • £24.50 per verification
  • 12 month minimum term
  • Unlimited team members
  • -- Verify 365 Express Includes --
  • 10,000+ ID Documents Supported
  • Biometrics ID Verifications (195+ countries)
  • Document Ownership Verification
  • Global PEPs & Sanctions Checks
  • Address Validation
  • Source of Wealth through Open Banking
  • Source of Funds through an AML Questionnaire
  • Verify Companies and their Directors
  • FCA-regulated Open Banking
  • Automated Bank Statement Analysis
  • Compliant with SRA and the Law Society AML Guidelines
  • Compliant with HM Land Registry Safe Harbour Digital Standard
  • Verifications Platform in 39 Languages
  • NFC Document Verification for HMLR Compliance
  • Assisted Image Capture with Machine Learning Technology
  • Fraud Prevention Measures
  • Biometric Liveness Checks
  • AML Verification Report
  • Team Management
  • Admin Access to All Verifications and Reports
Verify Pro
100+ Verifications PCM
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  • Customisable solution
  • Branded app & client portal
  • Ideal for 100+ matters pcm
  • Bulk discount
  • Annual contract
  • -- Verify 365 Pro Includes --
  • Includes everything in Verify 365 Express
  • International document verifications
  • International identity verifications
  • Document ownership verifications (NFC)
  • Global PEPs & Sanctions checks
  • Address verifications
  • Source of Wealth verifications
  • Source of Funds verifications
  • Admin access to all verifications
  • Business verifications