Know Your Customer With Verify 365

Technology to Identify any PEPs, Sanctions or Adverse Media

Verify 365 can check a client against 1400+ PEPs & Sanctions Lists globally. Ongoing monitoring, as standard.

Identify Risk, Prevent Fraud & Protect Your Firm

Our innovative platform ensures you are able to identify any ‘Politically Exposed Person’ (PEP), a person under any sanctions and an individual facing negative, unwanted publicity or Adverse Media using 1400+ global PEPs and Sanctions lists.

Checks Complete Within Minutes

Using our award winning, government graded ID technology, verify over 10,000 ID documents from over 200 countries in real time using our advanced biometric and NFC technology that will flag any risks to your firm.

Meet HMLR's Digital ID Standard

Identifying any PEPs, sanctioned individuals or individuals facing adverse media can be a challenge but rest assured, any checks run through our platform is compliant within the regulation guidelines. Our technology ensures you meet HMLR’s Digital ID Standard therefore, achieving the coveted ‘Safe Harbour’ status.

Enhanced Checks for Conveyancers

By identifying any PEPs, sanctions or adverse media, our technology enables you to complete both lite and enhanced checks on your clients, ensuring you are completing the necessary due diligence. For more complex checks, our platform includes tools to complete source of funds checks and property searches.

Regular Monitoring Over 12 Months

Verify 365 will send you instant, automated notifications if the status of your client changes and this monitoring continues over a 12 month period. This way we ensure your firm is protected from any potential harm, risk or sanctions. Our ongoing monitoring enables you to rest easy, knowing we will flag any immediate changes and bring those to your attention.

Real Time Data

Our checks ensure you receive an individual or businesses’ information within a few minutes. Our reliable data provides instant updates so you can complete the necessary due diligence checks. Verify 365’s data is protected, secure and stored in the UK to ensure the highest levels of protection.

Everything Your Law Firm Needs In One Place

Streamline your processes by implementing the best technology into your firm or agency. The platform has everything you need in one place, eradicating the need for manual processing, saving you time to focus on the core work of your business.


12 Month Monitoring

Receive instant updates when an individual’s status changes over twelve months with continued monitoring.

Ensure Compliance

Know Your Customer with advanced biometric and NFC checks that confirm an individual’s identity within minutes.

Protect Your Firm

Mitigate risk and protect your firm from potential harm and risk.

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Robina Shah
    Partner at Optimus Law
    Verify 365 set up a complete client onboarding experience for our clients from their platform. This made the AML process for our firm quicker and less time-consuming allowing the fee earners to get on with more important tasks. It's a game changer for our law firm and our onboarding time has literally been reduced to minutes. It's also fantastic for our clients who can verify ID remotely.
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  • Raminder Uberoi
    Partner at Starck Uberoi Solicitors
    Verifying the client's identity and source of funds used to take weeks due to the client needing to collect, print, and send their information in. A quicker way to verify the client had to be implemented. We wanted a system that utilised face biometrics and NFC technology, and a system that enabled our international clients to be properly identified. Verify 365 goes above and beyond any other system.
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  • Suezanne King
    Partner at SMQ Legal
    Using Verify 365 for our client onboarding process has been phenomenal, we are now onboarding clients in minutes. We now confidently take on clients from anywhere in the world! It takes seconds to send clients a link from the Verify 365 portal and then we wait for the AML report to be generated, whereas previously there was always an element of risk and uncertainty.
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  • Laura Everitt
    Money Laundering Reports Officer at Elite Law
    The integration has enhanced other departments and helped towards practicing compliantly. We are much happier and are properly protected, knowing our checks are compliant. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Verify 365
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How can Verify 365 help your law firm?

We have the best fraud detection system in the world, going above and beyond simple document checking. Get started with Verify 365 and make compliance your advantage with secure and compliant onboarding.

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