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DynamicID® Identity Verification Software

Fast, secure, compliant ID checks that will verify your clients in minutes, the easiest way to convert more clients and prevent fraud at your law firm. Fully compliant with the SRA and HM Land Registry Frameworks.

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The fastest and most reliable way to capture and verify your client’s proof of identity

Our Identity Verification Software can verify over 10,000 government-issued documents from 200 countries using NFC biometric checks giving your legal practice what it requires to safely work with clients internationally and to be compliant with regulatory requirements.

With Verify 365 identity verification software solution, it’s incredibly easy to verify the identity of your client using our government-grade technology, facial recognition and enhanced cryptography. Your clients save on travel time and your team improves overall efficiency and service. Your overall onboarding times can be cut from weeks to minutes.

Identity Verification Platform for the legal sector

From cyber security to fraud prevention, it is essential for solicitors to have clear insight into who they are dealing, but this isn’t easy without a robust KYC identity verification platform. Get started today with our beautifully designed solution that meets the highest technology and regulatory expectations.

Challenges in the legal sector verifying clients

How can law firms be certain of their client’s identity, without compromising on security, client experience and efficiency?

If the client onboarding process is a long-winded manual process, there is a good chance new clients will give up and go elsewhere. However, quickly onboarding clients can be extremely risky for your law firm without the right tools.

In the current climate, anti money laundering compliance procedures are extremely stringent and identity fraud as well as money laundering threats require the best identity verification software at the outset.

How can law firms be sure the ID document provided is a legitimate and genuine document, and that they are not facilitating money laundering or other criminal activities?

Simply put, a copy of a passport or driving license alone is difficult to confirm a clients identity, especially if it is received through email. If a criminal or fraudster manages to trick your law firm you could be facilitating money laundering which is a serious criminal offence.

How can law firms ensure they have conducted the highest levels of due diligence and can show the regulatory bodies they are a compliant, risk-based law firm?

It’s important that you can show regulatory bodies that you are a risk adverse and pro-active legal practice that has policies and practice measures that prevent fraud and identify risk from the outset when meeting a new client.

Why should you use Identity Verification Software?

Verify 365 provides biometric and NFC-based checks as an onboarding and compliance tool for law firms that want to seamlessly verify who the client is and want to prevent identity theft, money laundering and meet regulatory compliance.

The process is quick and does not require a large number of resources, in fact our identity verification software can be implemented in your firm in a matter of days.

Verify clients in fewer steps than ever before

The first Identity Verification Solution to be compliant with HM Land Registry ‘Safe Harbour’ Digital Identity

Grow your law firm with fast biometric verifications that works in over 195 countries

Fast and efficient digital verifications completed on any device

Enhanced AML screening and sanctions on each client

Meet regulatory AML compliance requirements with our comprehensive reports


Comply with KYC Regulations

Easily comply with KYC regulations and get verified client data using their government-issued IDs.

Real-time Feedback

Verify 365 guides clients through the entire process with real-time feedback and can even identify the document type so they don’t have to pick from a list.

AI-Guided Client Experience

Help clients get verified with an AI-guided experience that informs them in real-time if there’s any issues with the captured images.

Global ID Verifications

Verify clients from around the world with Verify 365, capable of validating over 10,000 documents in over 200 countries. Instantly.

Remote ID Verification

Verifying a client’s identity remotely is made easy with biometric technology and digital client onboarding.

Anti-Fraud Document Checks

Automated checks are conducted against databases of known stolen documents, as well as fraudulent and synthetic identities.

Safe Harbour Digital ID Compliant

Better understand risk by electronically checking the photo of the identity against biometric facial recognition checks as required by H M Land Registry.

Simple For Your Clients

Easy to complete, our identity verification solution ensures clients do not become frustrated with needlessly complicated and slow onboarding checks.

Convenient & Totally Paperless

Clients can complete onboarding and get up and running no matter where they are located or what time it is due to our client centric and digital-first solutions.

Identity Verification Solution Reviews

  • Robina Shah
    Partner at Optimus Law
    Verify 365 set up a complete client onboarding experience for our clients from their platform. This made the AML process for our firm quicker and less time-consuming allowing the fee earners to get on with more important tasks. It's a game changer for our law firm and our onboarding time has literally been reduced to minutes. It's also fantastic for our clients who can verify ID remotely.
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  • Raminder Uberoi
    Partner at Starck Uberoi Solicitors
    Verifying the client's identity and source of funds used to take weeks due to the client needing to collect, print, and send their information in. A quicker way to verify the client had to be implemented. We wanted a system that utilised face biometrics and NFC technology, and a system that enabled our international clients to be properly identified. Verify 365 goes above and beyond any other system.
    Read More
  • Suezanne King
    Partner at SMQ Legal
    Using Verify 365 for our client onboarding process has been phenomenal, we are now onboarding clients in minutes. We now confidently take on clients from anywhere in the world! It takes seconds to send clients a link from the Verify 365 portal and then we wait for the AML report to be generated, whereas previously there was always an element of risk and uncertainty.
    Read More
  • Natalie Foster
    Partner at Inspire Legal
    A complete client onboarding experience for our clients making the AML process for our firm quicker and less time-consuming. It's a game changer for our firm and our onboarding time has been reduced to minutes. It's also fantastic for our clients who find it straightforward and clear to follow.
    Read More

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