Optimus Law is an innovative law firm with expertise and specialisms in UK Immigration law and provides UK Immigration services to both individuals and businesses on their often, complex legal matters. The nationwide practice prides itself on providing legal services in an efficient and effective manner. They aim to simplify the process and automate as much of the onboarding to minimize the administrative tasks for their fee earners and maintain a digital, forward-thinking outlook. Optimus Law was looking for more than an ID verification solution and wanted to use a comprehensive platform that would allow them to take online payments, send and sign documents for electronic signatures and verify the source of funds.

Automated KYC Accurately verifying international clients’ identity 

Finding a secure way of verifying clients was a challenge for the law firm. They used to do manual verifications which means sending ID documents by email, leaving the client and firm open to unnecessary risk. It also meant getting through the onboarding for each client was taking way longer than required. After starting to use Verify 365, Optimus Law was able to check the identity of individuals and businesses with biometric ID checks, removing the friction and manual processing of ID, address, and source of funds:

– With Verify 365, Optimus Law can now check the ID of over 10,000 documents in over 195 countries.

– Check global PEPs & Sanctions lists on individuals and business owners.

– Clients can complete the onboarding directly in the app, and no longer have to request sensitive information by email.

Faster, digital payments with a bespoke website portal 

Often clients would request for bank transfer or online payments that the firm could not offer quick With an integrated payment portal on Verify 365 and a bespoke website portal on the Optimus Law website, clients are able to now pay fees on account directly to the law firm.

– Clients can use credit or debit cards to make payments seamlessly.

– Removed the friction from requesting for payments

– Secure, paperless method which increases the firms compliance and clients trust

– Quicker payments that increased the firms cashflow by up to 60%.