Your Guide For A Smooth Verification Process

Need Assistance in Verifying Your Identity?

This comprehensive end user guide will give you all the information you need to ensure a smooth process when trying to confirm your identity with your law firm, solicitors, conveyancers or estate agents.

Your Guide to Verify 365

A Comprehensive Breakdown

What is Verify 365?

Verify 365 is a client onboarding solution designed for the legal industry. Manual ID checks can be time-consuming and frustrating for all involved. So we’ve built an app that enables you to complete your checks and sign documents quickly, remotely and securely, from the comfort of your own home.

Why Law Firms & Solicitors Use Verify 365

Verify 365 is used by law firms and solicitors so they can stay compliant with the regulators guidelines, including the Solicitors Regulation Authority and HM Land Registry. All regulated firms must carry out “client due diligence” checks to ensure their clients are legitimate.

Downloading the App

The Verify 365 app can be downloaded from both the Play Store (Android) and the App Store (iPhones). To log in, please use the email and password sent to you by your law firm. Links will be provided in your email which will direct you to the App Store depending on what mobile device you are using.

Start the Verification Process

Once you’ve downloaded the app, create your Verify 365 account. Once that is complete, you will be taken to the app dashboard where you will find the tasks set by your law firm. 

Methods Of Identity Verification

Your firm may ask you to confirm your identity through a variety of different checks. ID Verification, Proof of Address, Digital Bank Statement, Source of Funds.

Required Documents

You will require either a Passport, Driving Licence, Residence Permit or National ID to verify your ID. 

Verification Processes

These are the checks your lawyer or solicitor will ask you to complete to confirm your identity

ID Verification

Take a photo of your ID document, scan your document’s NFC chip (where available) and take a photo of yourself.

Proof of Address

Enter your address information and upload two documents with both your name and address on it, dated within the last three months. You’ll be asked to input your address details such as, premises, street address, your postcode and both the city and county you live in.

Digital Bank Statement

Securely connect to your bank account or multiple accounts through your secure online banking portal.

Source of Funds

Complete our SoF questionnaire, providing information on where your money has come from, including naming any giftors or assets.

How does Verify 365 confirm my identity?

You’re going to need a Passport, Driving Licence, National ID Card or Residency Permit. The most secure option is to use your Passport. We will ask you to take a photo of your document’s photo page, but we may require a front and back of your Driving Licence. If we don’t get a good photo, we’ll ask you to take it again. After that, we’ll ask you to take a selfie, and that’s it.

Customer Support is Available

If you have any issues with the app itself, please contact the Verify 365 team on or call us on 0121 274 2312.


Why am I receiving reminder emails when I have completed all tasks?

The reminder emails are auto-issued if there are outstanding tasks to be completed. The best way to address the issue is to login into the Verify 365 app and double check you have completed all the tasks set by your law firm.

You can access your tasks by clicking the tasks tab on the app and this will direct you to the tasks page where an overview is provided. The tasks page will tell if tasks are in progress or completed. If there are tasks in-progress, please select continue task and complete as prompted.

What should I do if my username and password are not working?

If you are struggling to log in into the app once you’ve created your account, make sure you are using the right credentials to access the app. If that isn’t working, please request password reset links. 

To do this, on the login page of the app, there will be a link to click that says, ‘Forgot Password’, please click this and this will redirect you to input your username/email address and once recognised, you will be able to create a brand new password. 

How do I complete an NFC scan on the Verify 365 app?

An e-passport is a passport containing an electronic chip that contains your biometric details. This chip is on the front cover of your passport.

To enable a scan, your phone must have NFC enabled. We’ll detect whether your phone is NFC enabled and prompt you to enable it if necessary. To complete this scan, you must place your phone on top of the front cover and await the next steps.

If your passport does not contain an electronic chip, you can click the ‘skip’ button as you cannot complete the scan without it.

For more guidance, please click here.

What should I do if I cannot find my login details?

Follow these simple steps. Firstly, download the Verify 365 app from the relevant App Store on your phone. Next, open the app and the login screen should appear, once here click ‘forgot password’. This will trigger a reset password email which is sent to your inbox. Follow the instructions within the email to create a new password and then use this to log into the app.

What Proof of Address documents do we accept?

A council tax bill, utility bill, bank statement, mortgage statement, driving licence, HMRC letter, Insurance policy, credit card statement, Local Authority letter. Essentially, any official document that has your name and address on it will be sufficient

How does Verify 365 verify my address?

It’s rather simple. You’ll be asked to input your address details such as your house number, postcode, street, city etc.

Once confirmed, you will then upload two supporting documents. This can either be a utility bill like gas or electricity, or a bank statement no less than three months old

Why have I been asked to complete a verification?

The verification request is per current UK government regulations and any legal work will only start once these checks have been satisfactorily completed by your solicitor. 

Why does Verify 365 verify my Source of Funds?

Through our short questionnaire, your can confirm relevant information in relation to your funds. This includes who the buyers are, how much the property is worth and more importantly stating where your income is coming from.

You will be able to break down where the funds are from through our various options, including mortgage, dividends, giftors, etc. You will also be able to upload supporting documentation as evidence, such as bank statements and official letters.

Does Verify 365 store or share my information or have access to my data?

No, we do not store or share your login information. The Verify 365 team does not have access to the verification report. Only your lawyer does. During this process we cannot share or alter the data.

Connecting Verify 365 to Your Bank

Open banking verify 365

To connect to your bank, please follow these steps:

As part of a law firm’s client due diligence, they may need to verify a client’s financial information to stay compliant with the Solicitors Regulatory Authority. This is to ensure that no fraud is committed, such as money laundering.

Some firms ask for paper bank statements, but firms which use Verify 365 are able to securely get access to your digital bank statements through the use of our FCA-regulated Open Banking technology.

– Within the App, you will be presented with a list of banks we are able to connect too. Choose the bank you wish to connect to.

– Once you’ve chosen the bank, you will be directed to your secure online banking portal where you can log into your account. We are not able to access, see, store or share your credentials.

– Once you’ve logged in, you will need to grant Verify 365 permission to extract your financial information and digital bank statements.

– Once accepted, you’ll be redirected back to Verify 365 app. You can then connect additional bank accounts following the same process.

– Once you’ve connected all your banks, you can continue with your verification process.

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Support queries are handled directly through the Verify 365 Customer Support Team. If you experience any issues with our Verify 365 app, please contact or call our team on +44 (0) 121 274 2312

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