Starck Uberoi, established in 2014, sets the highest standards of ethics, professional conduct, client care, and advice, whilst prioritising their client’s objectives, budget, and expectations. The firm does not compromise on values, and has long-lasting relationships with its clients built on trust. The property department and other practice areas, disputes, family, landlord matters, and corporate-related transactions were looking for a solution that could streamline the client onboarding process with compliance at the forefront. The firm’s previous onboarding solution could not confirm they were compliant and this led to Starck Uberoi looking for a new solution.

“We changed to Verify 365 from our previous provider for a number of reasons. The first was that our old system was clunky and difficult for our clients to verify themselves which meant a lot of the time we bypassed it. The second reason was that our old system was web-based and we realised that the verification process wasn’t very effective. Whereas Verify 365 is app-based and utilises technology like facial recognition to ensure the client is genuine.

The third, and important reason, is because Verify 365 is compliant with both the Land Registry and ensuring my team is up to date with compliance rules and even goes beyond what is required”.

After starting to use Verify 365, they significantly cut their client onboarding times and gave the firm scope to expand its services internationally.

– With Verify 365, clients can now be verified remotely. No paperwork. No unnecessary office visits.

– Meet the Safe Harbour ‘digital ID’ standard set by HM Land Registry.

– Free up more time to deal with legal matters instead of administrative tasks.

Working closely with the Starck Uberoi team, Verify 365 was able to understand how the practice functioned and operated ensuring that we could deploy our system in such a way that it fits the firm’s needs. Having visited the site and spoken to members of the Starck Uberoi team, Verify 365 was able to deploy our AML & ID verification platform while minimising any intrusion and smoothly moving the practice away from

Verify 365 AML and ID checks are Safe Harbour compliant

The recently implemented, Safe Harbour ‘digital ID’ standard’,  the ID checks require a biometric NFC verification on the client and ID document. Verify 365 will request use of a Passport as evidence of ID. To make sure the client’s passport will be checked ‘cryptographically’ to determine whether the client’s face match its ‘data’, this will check that the security features of the evidence are genuine, the NFC chip will also check that a ‘signing key’ belongs to whoever issued the ID, and that it hasn’t been tampered with.

“These technologies give us the peace of mind that we are doing everything we should be doing when dealing with property transactions. We’re happy that we meet the highest levels of due diligence as a law firm. It’s best practice and sets a good standard for newly qualified staff. The HM Land Registry will not pursue any conveyancer in any recourse claim resulting from the registration of a fraudulent transaction on the grounds that identity checks were inadequate, so there’s practical and commercial benefits too”

More time for lawyers and clients 

By using Verify 365, Starck Uberoi noticed more time to deal with legal matters that meant quicker turnaround for clients. They no longer take care of the hassle of onboarding customers themselves, manually. The report which provides verification information and results for lawyers will give them everything they need to make a decision on the clients risk profile.

If you’re interested in transforming your onboarding journey, get in touch to discuss how Verify 365 can help.