February 7, 2024 – Verify 365 is thrilled to announce its participation in an exclusive Lawtech event held at the British Embassy in Bucharest. This prestigious gathering, set against the backdrop of diplomatic elegance, marks a significant journey in the intersection of legal technology and regulatory advancements. As leaders in providing innovative legal tech solutions, Verify 365’s involvement underscores our commitment to shaping the future of legal services in collaboration with regulatory bodies. Alongside the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and other key regulatory and legal tech organisations the event is set to be not to miss.

The prestigious Hotel Marmorosch in Bucharest is set to host a exciting event on February 7, 2024, where the intersection of technology and the legal sector will take centre stage. This extraordinary conference, “Bridging the Tech and the Legal Sectors,” will be held at Hotel Marmorosch, Doamnei Street, and will place a spotlight on the UK’s pivotal role in ‘Lawtech’, a unique initiative brought forth by the British Embassy in Bucharest.

Distinguished guests, prominent legal tech industry leaders, and key stakeholders will gather to explore the overarching theme of “Why LawTech Matters.”

The opening keynote speech will be delivered by Christina Blacklaws, Chair of LawtechUK and the Judicial Pension Board. Her address will focus on harnessing technology to enhance access to justice, promote diversity and inclusion, and ethically future-proof legal services.

The event will feature panel discussions and presentations highlighting the government-backed initiative, LawtechUK, a pioneering program at the forefront of modernising the UK’s legal sector. Supported by an initial £2 million grant from the Ministry of Justice, LawtechUK has played a pivotal role in propelling lawtech and digital transformation within the industry. A second phase of the program, funded by a £4 million investment, will explore cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning and data analytics tools.

A highlight of this prestigious conference is the keynote speech by Chris Handford, Director of Regulatory Policy at the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). Handford will share insights into the SRA’s commitment to fostering innovation and creating an environment where legal businesses can boldly leverage technology to provide enhanced services to the public.

Throughout the day, panel discussions will address critical issues, including the challenges of futureproofing the legal sector while upholding ethical standards, addressing emergent risks, and ensuring transparent decision-making in the AI realm across both public and private sectors.

Amidst the ample networking opportunities during the lunch break, attendees will have the privilege of witnessing case studies showcasing how AI is already being deployed within the legal sector. Among the esteemed presenters is Verify 365, a leading legal technology client onboarding platform, selected to attend this event by the British Embassy in Bucharest.

Azeem Rashid, Director at Verify 365, expressed his enthusiasm about unique opportunity, stating, “We are thrilled to be part of this momentous event, selected to participate by the British Embassy in Bucharest. Verify 365 is deeply committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation with our AI-based biometric checks and Open Banking-powered source of funds. We believe this event will provide invaluable insights and opportunities for collaboration within the legal tech landscape.”

The “Bridging the Tech and the Legal Sectors” conference marks a significant milestone at the intersection of technology and law, with a specific focus on the UK’s leadership in AI regulation and LawTech. It underscores the industry’s dedication to innovation, ethical practices, and ensuring the legal sector remains resilient for the future.

Lawtech 365 has recently returned from an enriching journey to Toronto and New York, where the company were sponsoring its participation in Legal Week as part of the Department for Business and Trade (DBT) UK Trade Mission.

About Verify 365

Verify 365 is a leading legal technology client onboarding platform, offering advanced and innovative solutions, including AI-based biometric checks and Open Banking-powered source of funds. Verify 365 is committed to revolutionising the legal tech landscape, streamlining and enhancing client onboarding processes for law firms and organisations in the legal sector.