In the face of economic uncertainty, UK law firms are leveraging technology to thrive over reducing staff, distinguishing themselves from their US and Australian counterparts. This trend was highlighted in recent research conducted by global legal tech firm Litera. The report “Navigating the Legal Horizon” gathered insights from 314 law firm managers across various regions, including the UK, the US, and Australia, with additional input from Europe and Canada.

How UK Law Firms are Leveraging Technology to Thrive

One of the key findings from the report is that six out of ten UK law firms are planning to adopt new technology to enhance efficiencies. This is significantly higher than the 48% of US firms and only 30% of Australian firms planning similar measures. The focus on technology is seen as a strategic move to navigate the current economic landscape without resorting to significant staff cuts.

Fee Increases and Cost-Cutting Measures

In addition to embracing technology, more than half of UK law firms (57%) reported increasing their fees to cope with economic changes. This is slightly higher than the 53% of US firms and 46% of Australian firms taking this approach. Cost-cutting measures such as reducing business travel, marketing, and entertainment expenses are also prevalent among UK firms, with 55% implementing these strategies just ahead of their US counterparts.

Headcount Reductions

Interestingly, UK law firms are much less likely to reduce their workforce compared to firms in the US and Australia. Only 20% of UK firms are cutting staff, in contrast to a third of US firms and nearly half of Australian firms. This reluctance to reduce headcount is attributed to the confidence UK firms have in technology to drive efficiency and profitability.

Alternative Fee Arrangements

The report also highlights a shift towards alternative fee arrangements (AFAs), with 92% of UK firms incorporating AFAs for nearly half or more of their work and flat fees are the most common AFA in the UK. This trend reflects a broader move away from the traditional billable hour, which is viewed as outdated, misaligned with client interests, and less efficient. Almost two-thirds of law firms across the surveyed countries support phasing out the billable hour.

Future Technology Adoption

Looking ahead, three-quarters of all law firms, including 73% in the UK, indicated that artificial intelligence (AI) would likely be the technology they would adopt in the next 12 months as AI has been proven to enhance efficiency, profitability, and overall value creation. Cybersecurity protection solutions and all-in-one legal platforms are also on the agenda for many firms.

Expert Insights

Barry Solomon, Vice-President of M&A Integration at Litera, provided his perspective “Clients are becoming more sophisticated and want to talk about value instead of just hours. GenAI will likely feed into this by making some types of legal services more efficient and predictable and by providing the insight necessary to craft more accurate AFAs. GenAI will accelerate what’s already happening in the space by providing more transparency.”

Avaneesh Marwaha, Chairman of the Board at Litera, echoed these sentiments, saying, “It is encouraging to see how UK law firms are adapting to the current economic climate by adopting new technology. Out of all the regions surveyed, the UK had the lowest number of firms reporting that they plan to reduce headcount, suggesting that implementing new technologies has created confidence in their ability to enhance their profitability and operational efficiency.”

Verify 365’s Role in the Growing Legal Tech Market

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An Optimistic Outlook

The findings from Litera’s “Navigating the Legal Horizon” report underscore the proactive approach of UK law firms in leveraging technology to address economic challenges. By prioritising technological advancements over staff reductions, these firms are positioning themselves to survive and thrive in an evolving legal landscape. As the adoption of AI and other innovative solutions continues to grow, UK law firms are setting a benchmark for resilience and adaptability in the global legal sector.