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The Onboarding Solutions for Personal Injury Law Firms

Take advantage of our onboarding platform to increase efficiency and security with all your legal tasks in one place – from AML to client onboarding.

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Personal injury (PI) can be lengthy and time-consuming.  A good lawyer will ensure they get the best outcome for their client regardless of the challenges and circumstance surrounding the case. But because Personal injury cases are a long process, Personal injury lawyers need to ensure they make the process of working with them as easy and seamless as possible.

Reducing risk around matters is as important for Personal injury lawyers as it is for others. The legal sector has traditionally been slower to adopt technology to help prevent fraud. This leads to a stagnant, manual approach that leaves many personal injury lawyers, departments and practices at risk of laundering ‘dirty’ money.

That’s why we’ve made Verify 365 the perfect solution for personal injury lawyers and their client onboarding requirements. As the first legal specific software to be able to verify clients biometrical, Verify 365 helps combat impersonation, identity theft and money laundering.

Through our use of advanced verifications and our extensive legal form library, lawyers and law firms using our client onboarding solution can save over 80% of time when compared to a manual process.

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Client ID Verification

Fast, secure, compliant ID checks that verify clients in minutes, the easiest way to convert more clients and prevent fraud for your family law firm

AML Compliance

Ensure you’re using a client onboarding solution that reviews the SRA’s own AML compliance guidelines regularly. Client-due-diligence and enhanced-due-diligence are two things we take seriously and ensure our solution is 100% compliant.


Empower clients to complete title transfers and legal engagement letters securely to move matters forward with our qualified e-signatures, the signature that provides the highest level of security and truthfulness.

Legal Forms

Court forms, law society forms, forms which are necessary to your matter. Verify 365 hosts a library of legal forms that are constantly updated ensuring you and your team have access to the latest forms and information you need for your client.

Payment on Account

Avoid chasing clients for money by taking Payments on Accounts using Verify 365. We initiate payment processing early in the client onboarding process to cover any anticipated disbursements, such as Court fees or expert fees as well as your legal fee.

Open Banking

Frictionless, hassle free and fraudulent free. Get access to your client’s financials quickly and easily without making the process difficult for your clients. Our advanced financial analytics also takes the hard work out of analysing your client’s money.

Streamline your client verification process with Verify 365.

Client verification can be an arduous task when done manually or requiring your client to send in information about themselves. Verify 365 delivers a remote identity and address verification service that clients can do where they feel most comfortable.

  • Run a genuine verification on your clients using a biometric and NFC compatible verification ensuring you stay compliant.
  • Verify the validity of your client’s documents making sure they are real and valid.
  • Don’t restrict the clients you can work with, Verify 365 is able to verify clients globally being compatible with over 10,000 official documents.

Certified Trusted Technology

Our ID verification technology compares the image to our database of 10,000 (and growing) government-issued identity documents using government-grade technology.

Streamlined Onboarding

Save over 80% of onboarding time using Verify 365 to complete all tasks digitally

Integrations With All Systems

From Case Management Systems to CRMs we integrate with all of your existing systems so you can save further time and link everything together.

Deliver Excellent Client Experiences

Focusing on client experience and things that matter to clients most shows your firm care about delivering excellent service. Leverage technology to make this happen in your legal practice.

AI combined With Legal Expertise

Utilise AI tools within Verify 365 to automate simple workflows in conveyancing matters, providing faster and more secure solutions to key challenges such as financial analytics, ID verifications and data population.

Protect Your Reputation

Prevent falling foul of regulations and get to know clients using Verify 365, we detect high-risk clients with our comprehensive AML checks and ongoing monitoring against global watchlists, PEPs/Sanctions, and adverse media.

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Robina Shah
    Partner at Optimus Law
    Verify 365 set up a complete client onboarding experience for our clients from their platform. This made the AML process for our firm quicker and less time-consuming allowing the fee earners to get on with more important tasks. It's a game changer for our law firm and our onboarding time has literally been reduced to minutes. It's also fantastic for our clients who can verify ID remotely.
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  • Raminder Uberoi
    Partner at Starck Uberoi Solicitors
    Verifying the client's identity and source of funds used to take weeks due to the client needing to collect, print, and send their information in. A quicker way to verify the client had to be implemented. We wanted a system that utilised face biometrics and NFC technology, and a system that enabled our international clients to be properly identified. Verify 365 goes above and beyond any other system.
    Read More
  • Suezanne King
    Partner at SMQ Legal
    Using Verify 365 for our client onboarding process has been phenomenal, we are now onboarding clients in minutes. We now confidently take on clients from anywhere in the world! It takes seconds to send clients a link from the Verify 365 portal and then we wait for the AML report to be generated, whereas previously there was always an element of risk and uncertainty.
    Read More
  • Laura Everitt
    Money Laundering Reports Officer at Elite Law
    The integration has enhanced other departments and helped towards practicing compliantly. We are much happier and are properly protected, knowing our checks are compliant. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Verify 365
    Read More

How We Can Help

Our experts are kept informed on best practices for Anti-Money Laundering so you get practical advice with our onboarding solution. Read some of our client Case Studies to see how we have helped law firms and property professionals stay compliant. By using Verify 365, you can be confident in knowing you’ve carried out your due diligence and regulatory requirements, and reduced the risk of fraud to keep your clients safe and secure.

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