The powerful combination of cloud-based case management systems and automated Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solutions has been led by leading technology platforms Actionstep and Verify 365. In today’s fast-paced digital world, risk and compliance technology is required by all businesses, but especially in the legal sector where automation plays a crucial role in enhancing efficiency and delivering exceptional client experiences. Verify 365, with its innovative risk and compliance technology, have partnered with Actionstep, cloud-based practice management software, to drive remarkable transformations in the legal industry. This article highlights the successes achieved through this strategic partnership, demonstrating the value of automation in digital client onboarding for law firms.

Verify 365 Innovative Risk and Compliance Technology

Verify 365, a leader in the legal sector for fully automated AML checks, client onboarding, biometric ID checks, KYB checks and Source of Funds verification technology, offers cutting-edge solutions that safeguard law firms and clients against identity fraud and money laundering. Their compliance-focused platform, designed with the legal industry in mind, enables quick and secure AML due diligence. Verify 365’s advanced technology capabilities, such as their “DynamicID” biometric identity verification software outperform other AML software in identifying fraud by providing a leading verification solution which covers over 200 countries, with the ability to check over 14,000 ID documents in real-time.

Actionstep Empowers Lawyers with Verify 365 Integration

Actionstep are a leading cloud-based practice management software that empowers legal professionals with comprehensive tools to streamline their workflow and enhance efficiency. One of the key strengths of Actionstep is its seamless integration with Verify 365, a cutting-edge risk and compliance technology. This integration allows lawyers to initiate electronic ID verification checks and AML checks directly from Actionstep’s user-friendly dashboard. With Actionstep’s intuitive interface, lawyers can easily access Verify 365’s robust compliance features, enabling them to efficiently manage and mitigate risks associated with money laundering. This integration enhances the overall compliance capabilities of Actionstep, ensuring that law firms can effortlessly uphold their regulatory obligations while focusing on delivering exceptional legal services.

The Power of Automation in the Legal Sector

Automation has become increasingly significant in the legal sector, enabling law firms to streamline processes, enhance accuracy, and mitigate risks. By leveraging cloud-based case management systems and automated AML checks, law firms can save time, improve compliance, and provide a seamless onboarding experience for clients. With the integrated Verify 365 tech stack within Actionstep’s dashboard and workflows, law firms utilising the Actionstep practice management system can now effortlessly verify clients and conduct SRA-required Anti-Money Laundering checks, source of funds verifications, sanction checks and ID checks.

This seamless integration eliminates the necessity for law firms to employ separate AML software, while ensuring that lawyers using Actionstep’s case management software adhere to the necessary ID checks and anti-money laundering compliance regulations. With one or two clicks, you can now initiate powerful workflows that can save weeks for both you and your clients.

Ensuring HM Land Registry Safe Harbour Compliance: Actionstep and Verify 365 Integration Empowers Law Firm Onboarding and AML Compliance

The Safe Harbour Digital ID standard, established by HM Land Registry, sets the benchmark for secure and reliable legal operations. It necessitates robust compliance measures to prevent money laundering and ensure the legitimacy of financial transactions. By incorporating Verify 365 into Actionstep’s feature-rich platform, law firms can confidently navigate these regulatory requirements.

Through this integration, law firms leveraging Actionstep can effortlessly conduct Anti-Money Laundering checks, verify sources of funds, perform sanction checks, and verify clients — all in accordance with the Safe Harbour standard. The automated workflows and comprehensive dashboards within Actionstep facilitate smooth and efficient execution of these compliance procedures.

Actionstep’s cloud-based infrastructure combined with Verify 365 risk and compliance technology integration provide law firms with real-time access to compliance tools, allowing them to mitigate risks and ensure adherence to the Safe Harbour standard. By leveraging this powerful combination, law firms can improve operational efficiency, save time, and deliver a seamless experience to their clients while maintaining the highest standards of compliance. By providing automated AML compliance checks with a robust practice management platform, this partnership enhances operational efficiency, reduces risk, and ensures the utmost compliance and security for law firms in their daily operations.

Case Study: Elite Law Solicitors Successful Implementation of Actionstep and Verify 365 technology

Elite Law Solicitors stands as a prime example of the exceptional success achieved through the integration of Verify 365 and Actionstep. As avid users of both systems, Elite Law Solicitors has experienced a remarkable transformation in their client onboarding process, specifically with regards to instant AML checks, KYB checks, e-payments and e-signatures. The seamless integration between Verify 365 and Actionstep has ushered in a new era of efficiency, streamlining their operations and elevating the quality of their legal services.

The integration’s notable features, such as instant data pre-populating and fully automated reporting, have made a profound impact on Elite Law Solicitors day-to-day activities. The integration eliminates the need for manual data entry, enabling data to flow seamlessly between Verify 365 and Actionstep, which significantly reduces time-consuming tasks and minimises the potential for errors. The result is a streamlined client onboarding experience that not only enhances operational efficiency but also improves the overall accuracy and quality of their work.

Elite Law Solicitors has lauded the automation features provided by Verify 365 and Actionstep, as they have fundamentally reshaped their client onboarding process. The incorporation of e-payments within the new platform has simplified and expedited the payment process, allowing clients to securely make electronic payments for legal services with ease. Similarly, the integration of e-signatures has enabled Elite Law Solicitors to execute legal documents electronically, eliminating the need for physical signatures and enabling faster turnaround times.

By leveraging Verify 365 and Actionstep’s integration, Elite Law Solicitors has been able to optimise their workflows and enhance their service quality. The automation features have significantly reduced the administrative burden associated with client onboarding, freeing up valuable time for the firm’s legal professionals to focus on providing legal advice and personalised attention to their clients. This enhanced efficiency has translated into improved client satisfaction and a strengthened reputation within the legal industry.

The success of Verify 365 and Actionstep’s integration, as experienced by Elite Law Solicitors, serves as a testament to the immense benefits that automation brings to the client onboarding journey. By harnessing the power of automated risk and compliance technology, e-payments and e-signatures within a seamless and integrated platform, law firms can elevate their operations, improve efficiency, and deliver exceptional legal services that exceed client expectations.

Actionstep and Verify 365 Integrate e-Payments and e-Signatures for Seamless Client Onboarding Journey Efficiency

Verify 365 and Actionstep have revolutionised the client onboarding journey by seamlessly integrating e-payments and e-signatures into the integrated platform. This integration simplifies and accelerates the payment and document signing process, enhancing efficiency and convenience for both law firms and their clients. Through the user-friendly interface, clients can securely make electronic payments for legal services, eliminating the need for manual payment processing.

Additionally, the integration with Verify 365 enables clients to effortlessly sign and execute legal documents electronically, reducing administrative burdens and enabling faster turnaround times. This streamlined approach to e-payments and e-signatures within Actionstep’s and Verify 365’s client onboarding journey not only saves time and resources but also ensures compliance with legal requirements and industry standards.

Expansion of Success in Australia, Canada, Singapore and Beyond

The success of Verify 365 and Actionstep’s integration is not limited to a single region. With hubs launched in Sydney, Singapore and Toronto, law firms in Australia, New Zealand, United States, UAE, Canada, and many other countries, have recognised the immense value of utilising both systems.

The versatility and adaptability of Verify 365 and Actionstep have been instrumental in their global recognition. Law firms operating in diverse legal landscapes have come to appreciate the comprehensive features, compliance capabilities, and intuitive user interfaces offered by both platforms. The seamless integration of Verify 365 and Actionstep has allowed law firms worldwide to streamline their workflows, enhance operational efficiency, and meet the specific compliance requirements of their respective regions.

The expanding presence of Verify 365 and Actionstep in major legal hubs around the world has facilitated cross-border collaborations and facilitated international transactions. Law firms can now confidently engage with clients and counterparts in different jurisdictions, knowing that the integrated solution ensures consistent compliance and seamless communication throughout the client journey.

This widespread adoption of Verify 365 and Actionstep’s integration serves as a testament to the systems’ robustness, reliability, and ability to cater to the needs of law firms globally. Regardless of their geographic location, law firms are empowered to leverage the synergistic benefits of both platforms, reinforcing their commitment to delivering exceptional legal services and maintaining compliance with the highest standards across international boundaries.

Insights from Industry Experts

Rudi Kesic, CEO at Verify 365, comments:

“This integration empowers law firms to adopt the perfect ecosystem between Actionstep and Verify 365, enabling them to quickly integrate the best practice management software with our advanced risk and compliance technology. The secure and convenient client onboarding process, coupled with the automation features, creates a superior experience for clients, ultimately setting the standard for fraud prevention and AML compliance.”

Oliver Tromp, UK Director at Actionstep, emphasises the significance of automation for law firms:

“Combining a high-quality AML technology provider with a client-centric practice management system as one unified solution helps to protect law firms from fraud and identity theft risks. The integration between Actionstep and Verify 365 provides our clients with an easy-to-use AML onboarding solution developed specifically for lawyers, ensuring AML compliance and safeguarding against money laundering risks and ID fraud.”

Azeem Rashid, CMO at Verify 365, highlights the importance of automation:

“Online AML platforms, like Verify 365, not only protect law firms with enhanced checks but also streamline processes for consumers. As the legal sector embraces technology, it is crucial to leverage integrated platforms that offer security and convenience to both law firms and clients.”

The successful integration of Verify 365 and Actionstep has demonstrated the immense value of automation in transforming client onboarding for law firms. By combining innovative technology, powerful case management systems, and automated AML checks, law firms have achieved enhanced efficiency, compliance

Summary: Verify 365 and Actionstep Partnership and Integration

Fast and Powerful Biometric ID Verifications (eIDV)

Verify 365’s integration with Actionstep enables fast and powerful biometric ID verifications. Using cutting-edge biometric and NFC-chip reader technology through the Verify 365 app, clients and their ID documents can be instantly verified. Verify 365 has the capability to verify over 14,000 documents from over 220 countries, ensuring efficient and reliable ID verification processes.

Automated Address Verification Service (AVS)

Actionstep customers can benefit from an automated address verification service through the Verify 365 integration. The technology automatically validates the client’s address, and clients can conveniently upload proof of address. This feature helps law firms comply with the requirements of SRA and HM Land Registry.

Automated Source of Funds Checks and Digital Bank Statements Analytics (SOF)

The integration between Verify 365 and Actionstep leverages Open Banking technology to provide automated source of funds checks and digital bank statements analytics. Lawyers can access comprehensive financial and risk profile information, including instant digital bank statements from over 4,000 banks. This streamlines source of funds checks and enhances due diligence processes.

Enhanced Customer Due Diligence Checks (CDD)

Verify 365 facilitates enhanced customer due diligence checks. Clients can provide detailed information and breakdowns of fund sources, accompanied by supporting evidence. This feature enables law firms to conduct thorough due diligence and compliance checks.

Global PEPs & Sanctions and Adverse Media Checks (PEPs)

With Verify 365 and Actionstep integration, law firms gain access to verification and confirmation of whether a client is listed on international Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) or Sanctions lists. Additionally, global adverse media checks are performed, meeting the requirements for SRA and FCA Anti-Money Laundering compliance.

Company Checks & Know Your Business Verifications (KYB)

Verify 365’s integration with Actionstep enables instant verification of businesses or companies through Know Your Business verifications. This includes verification of accounts, shareholders, persons with significant control, and ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs). The KYB verifications enhance the due diligence process for law firms working with business clients.

eSignatures as part of the Onboarding process

Verify 365’s integration with Actionstep allows for seamless integration of eSignatures into the onboarding process. The eSignatures provided by Verify 365 have the same legal standing as traditional pen-and-paper signatures. Known as Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES), they are legally binding. Each Verify 365 signature request includes a non-editable audit trail to ensure comprehensive tracking and time-stamping of actions.


By leveraging these integrated features, law firms using Actionstep can streamline their client onboarding process, enhance compliance, and benefit from a more efficient and secure digital experience.

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