Enhance your Client Onboarding Process


Achieve Exceptional Client Due Diligence

Elevate your practice’s AML compliance using the powerful integration of Actionstep and Verify 365. Ensure your law firm adheres to the strictest AML rules and regulations while providing a seamless experience for your valued clients.

Maximise Efficiency with Streamlined Workflows

Bid farewell to disjointed systems and processes. Our Actionstep integration offers a streamlined, efficient workflow, enabling your firm to concentrate on what matters most – delivering exceptional service to your clients.

All-in-One Solution for Accelerated Onboarding

Revolutionise your client onboarding with our advanced AML checks, integrated workflows, and expedited procedures – all accessible within your practice management system. Transform your practice and witness the benefits firsthand.

Integrate Verify 365 with Actionstep

Verify 365 integrates with Actionstep, allowing you to send AML verifications directly from your matter.

Automatically sync your client’s details from your Actionstep matter to Verify 365. Once synced, choose the specific verifications you want to send to your client and then initiate them.
Upon completion of the check, the verification report, generated with the results, is stored back into the Actionstep matter from which the verification was initiated.

With Actionstep, midsize law firms get total control over their future success. Actionstep’s legal business management platform is built to adapt to a firm’s unique strengths and goals. Firms using Actionstep feel empowered to modernise and build a firm advantage in the legal marketplace.

Actionstep’s connected features like client intake, matter management, document management, time tracking, billing, accounting and business reporting, equips over 38,000 users globally to delight clients, work more profitably, and confidently embrace the future.

Build your firm advantage with Actionstep, learn more here.

Give your clients the ability to complete simple, secure ID and AML checks with Verify 365’s revolutionary compliance integration with Actionstep

How Verify 365 works with Actionstep

Other Verify 365 system integrations

Helpful Resources

  • In order to start using this integration you must first set up a Actionstep account

    To see a demo of Actionstep in action and talk about enabling this integration please organise a demo of the product through Actionstep here: Book a Demo with Actionstep

  • To see a demo of Verify 365 in action and talk about enabling this integration please organise a demo  through Verify 365 here: Book a Demo with Verify 365
  • Features:

    • ID Verification: Verification of the client and their document using biometric and NFC technology.
    • Address Verification: Validating the client’s address automatically with proof of address upload.
    • Digital Bank Statements through Online Banking Technology: Providing lawyers with the financial and risk profile information, including instant digital bank statements directly from the bank.
    • Business Verifications (KYB): Verify companies from over 100+ countries worldwide, identifying UBOs, subsidiaries and key data through our ‘live’ access KYB checks and premium ‘Business Concierge’ service.
    • Enhanced Source of Funds Check: Allowing the client to provide a confirmation and a breakdown of where the funds have come from, along with supporting evidence.
    • Global PEPs & Sanctions and Adverse Media Checks: Verification and confirmation that a client isn’t included on any international PEP or Sanction lists, including global adverse media checks.

  • To learn more about this integration please visit the Actionstep Help Centre.
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