In January 2023, Verify 365 made a big impact on the Birmingham legal community by launching its new updated Enterprise version in the city. The platform was received with open arms by multiple law firms who saw the benefits of a comprehensive and streamlined onboarding process for their clients. Top law firms in the region such as Dalsun Solicitors, Blackfriars Law, and HSC Solicitors were among the first to adopt Verify 365. Firms praised the platform’s comprehensive approach to AML/KYC and client onboarding and with the new Enterprise version providing solicitors with AML, eSignatures and Property Searches all in one platform. Let’s dive into the success of Verify 365’s launch in Birmingham and hear from some of the law firms that have signed up to the platform.

Efficiently take on new business while managing regulatory, financial, and reputational risks

Dalsun Solicitors, a multi-discipline law firm specialising in Family Law and Immigration Law, was among the first to sign up. The firm recently set up its property department and was searching for a onboarding solution that offered the best-in-class due diligence to combat the higher risks associated with the property and conveyancing sector. One of the core challenges for the firm was taking instruction from outside of the Midlands region. The firm was refusing dozens of clients with legal enquiries every day because the firm has stringent policies and procedures in place that meant it couldn’t take on clients outside of close proximity simply due to the risk posed with verifying clients remotely. The practice would require all clients to be verified in person which meant they were losing on potential clients and revenue.

AML and KYC regulatory obligations require law firms to have a risk based approach however this does not mean law firms should not be able to work with clients who are not from the local area. Dalsun Solicitors required a onboarding solution that meant they were able to complete AML checks swiftly and providing them with a clear risk dashboard to monitor data and compliance for their clients.

“The comprehensiveness of Verify 365’s ID software was a key factor in our decision to sign up,” said Daljeet Nijran, Managing Director of Dalsun Solicitors. “We were also impressed with the way the solution approaches the conveyancing process, offering eSignatures and Searches all in one platform.”

With full use of the Verify 365 solution, the firm will be able to complete its entire client onboarding journey through the platform, providing a cleaner risk dashboard and a secure, streamlined way of converting enquires into a client.

Helping deliver an exceptional client experience

Blackfriars Law and HSC Solicitors, two leading property firms in the Birmingham area, also recently signed up to the platform. These firms are experts in Property Law and have a reputation for providing high-quality services to their clients.

Birmingham AML

“Both HSC Solicitors and Blackfriars Law are law firms that have an exceptional reputation for delivering consumer and commercial legal services in the region – their client feedback and reviews speak for themselves, so we’re extremely proud to be the chosen supplier for helping deliver those legal services,” said Azeem Rashid, Director of Verify 365. “We are pleased with the process so far and are very excited about the future. “There are some very big announcements coming soon, and we are confident that the success of our platform in Birmingham will continue due to the hard work of our team.”

Verify 365 offers real-time verification, cutting-edge technology and eKYC, covering over 200 countries. The platform eliminates fraud and helps law firms thrive by providing a comprehensive digital client onboarding process.  The platform’s comprehensiveness and legal sector specific technology have made it the go-to solution for law firms in the area.

Verify 365 CEO, Rudi Kesic, said, “At Verify 365, we strive to provide our clients with the highest level of service and reliability. These new partnerships are a testament to our dedication to excellence. I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to our staff for their hard work and dedication in making this happen.”

Verify 365 Enterprise version

The upgraded version includes a range of new features and additions, including the most secure biometric NFC-based identity verification with liveness detection, global address verification, international KYB checks, ongoing global “Politically Exposed Persons” (PEPs) and sanctions monitoring, international open banking digital statement analysis for the source of funds checks, advanced and qualified e-signatures, digital payments, and legal forms.

These new and updated Enterprise features are designed to streamline and enhance the digital client onboarding process for law firms, estate agents, financial institutions and accountants. The platform is also fully compliant with various legal and financial industry regulations and standards, ensuring that it meets the highest levels of security and privacy. The platform uses state-of-the-art security measures and advanced authentication technology to verify clients and ensure that user data is protected from identity theft and other online threats.

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