In the European Union, travellers travelling between Zagreb and Helsinki this summer will be the first to test a “pilot project” aimed at digitising travel documentation.

To test digital ID travel documents, specialised equipment is being placed at Helsinki and Zagreb airport border controls. On flights between the two cities, passengers will be given access to a mobile application where digital travel documents would be stored.

Passengers will provide their Digital ID information through the app to the border inspection officials before they go for their trip so that the documents can be reviewed beforehand. When travellers arrive at the border checkpoint, a photo will be taken and used to link the digital ID travel documents.

Once those taking the trip are at the border check, a photo will be taken, which will then be used to connect the digital travel document with the individual.

Despite going through this process, it has been stressed that test subjects will still be required to hold a valid passport with them.

“Finnair from Finland, the Croatian Ministry for the Interior and the AKD company from Croatia are involved in the project. In addition, the Finnish National Police Administration, the Finnish Immigration Service and Fina via are participating in the project as associated partners”, the Finnish Border Guard said.

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