Revolutionise your legal services with Verify 365, the award-winning digital client onboarding solution. Tailored for optimal internal efficiency, Verify 365 equips your law firm to effectively manage an extensive volume of matters across all departments. This state-of-the-art solution, already adopted by hundreds law firms, reduces onboarding time, providing an accelerated experience for your clients.

Leveraging the Power of Digital Innovation for Enhanced User Experience

Verify 365 empowers your law firm with a suite of tools that significantly enhances the user experience, firmly placing you in the digital age.

Fully Branded Mobile App

Dominating this array of tools is the fully branded mobile app, customised to mirror the unique identity of your law firm. This app serves as a key platform for all areas of law, fostering seamless interaction and communication with clients.

Personalised Communication

Verify 365 facilitates personalised communication, fostering a stronger connection with your clients. It also incorporates automated systems for enhanced efficiency and time-saving, making routine tasks effortless.

Efficient Processing of Legal Forms and Quotes

The platform also enables the easy processing of the Law Society’s TA6 form, streamlines quotation processes with intuitive calculators, and offers lead intake forms for efficient potential client data capture.

Smart Dashboards and Referral System

Stay in control with smart dashboards that offer a holistic view of your law firm’s operations, and an efficient referral system through the referrer portal and app.

Simplifying Digital Onboarding

Verify 365 adopts a digital-first approach for client onboarding, introducing several key features:

Verification of Identity and Funds: Simplifies the verification of client identity and funds.
Payment on Account: Ensures a smooth processing of payments.
Document Sharing: Offers a secure platform for document sharing.
e-Signature: Facilitates digital signatures for necessary documents.
Digital Law Society Forms: Offers digital access to a variety of Law Society forms.
Personalised Matter Updates: Provides clients with customised updates on their matter.
Client Reviews: Offers a convenient platform for clients to review your services.
Chat: Provides an easy and secure communication platform.

Boost Client Intake with Digital Lead Capture

Enhance your law firm’s client intake and boost conversion rates with Verify 365’s digital lead capture solutions. It optimises the lead capture process for all areas of law, ultimately enhancing your firm’s annual revenue and profitability.

Embrace Automation with Verify 365

Verify 365 masters the art of automation, helping your law firm to convert leads, complete outstanding tasks, and keep all parties engaged. With its fully branded mobile app, it simplifies the management of all areas of law, ensuring that all involved parties stay connected.

Seamless Integrations and Personalised Communication

Verify 365 seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, improving efficiency and eliminating double data entry. The platform allows for anytime, anywhere communication, on any device, enhancing the communication process between all parties involved in a matter.

Business Insights and System Security

Get the business intelligence your firm needs with Verify 365’s smart dashboards, offering engaging graphs and stats for full visibility on all activities. Rest assured with Verify 365’s secure technology, safeguarding your firm’s data and communications.

Exceptional Marketing & Training Support

Thrive as a business with the help of Verify 365’s dynamic, award-winning support team, ready to assist with marketing and training.


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Join the Digital Revolution in Legal Tech with Verify 365

Experience a dramatic shift in efficiency and productivity in the legal tech industry with Verify 365. Find out how Verify 365’s fully branded mobile app can support your law firm in providing the best onboarding experience for your clients.