Breathe life into your client enquiry process with Verify 365’s instant conveyancing quotes. Make a lasting first impression and amplify your client intake by offering self-serving access to accurate conveyancing quotes upfront. The future of legal practice is digital, and 92% of firms agree that digitisation is a priority moving forward. Align your law firm with this digital shift and delight your clients with the efficiency and transparency Verify 365 offers.

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Providing Instant, Self-Served, and Transparent Quotes Round the Clock

Verify 365’s fully customisable quote calculators integrate seamlessly with your law firm’s website. These calculators serve to capture leads for all residential conveyancing matters. Your clients get a personalised quote within seconds, anytime, anywhere. This instantaneous service can provide accurate conveyancing quotes whether you’re hard at work in the office or unwinding at home.

Effortless Lead Capture with Verify 365

Transform Potential Clients into Loyal Customers

Transform your potential clients into loyal customers by providing instant conveyancing quotes at their fingertips. Capture each lead from your website and convert them into clients quickly. Optimise visibility and user engagement by incorporating multiple embedded calculators and floating buttons around your website.

Lead Source Tracking

Monitor where your leads originate from to calculate an accurate Return on Investment (ROI). Understanding your lead sources can provide essential insights into your marketing effectiveness.

Unlimited Fee Scales

With Verify 365, you can allocate specific fee scales based on various parameters such as different offices, postcodes, and referrers. This feature enables a tailored and personalised approach to quoting.

Compliance with Regulatory Guidelines

Adhere to the price transparency regulation guidelines with options for Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC).

Testimonial: Raminder Uberoi at Starck Uberoi Solicitors in London

“Since we incorporated Verify 365’s conveyancing quoting into our workflow, it has revolutionised the way we quote and manage our conveyancing transactions. Our conveyancing conversion rates nearly doubled within the first six months of using the system, even without securing new referral work. As a result, we are expanding our department to accommodate the new work we have won.”

The Client-Centric Approach

With Verify 365’s industry-leading technology, your law firm can simplify and speed up the quoting process. This client-centric approach helps create a smooth and efficient user experience, ultimately leading to enhanced client satisfaction and loyalty. By providing instant conveyancing quotes, Verify 365 ensures your law firm is well equipped for the digital era and can effectively meet the evolving needs of your clients.