Biometric client onboarding provider, Verify 365, is launching a platform to help law firms easily integrate biometric client onboarding with their case management systems.

Biometrics and other authentication technologies can help the legal sector create seamless and secure client experiences through digital client onboarding and stave off disruption in the process.

The Verify 365 “Intelligence Platform” allows law firms, estate agents and conveyancers to quickly adopt and integrate Verify 365’s latest client onboarding technology and create more secure and convenient ways for clients to verify themselves and pay for services on their smartphone devices through the company’s iOS and Android apps.

Available in the UK from 1st October 2022, Verify 365’s new “Intelligence Platform” will offer law firms an opportunity to access a fully “case management-integrated” digital client onboarding solution, which includes Verify’s latest authentication technologies such as liveness detection and automated NFC-chip verification technology, and provides a simple integration with case management systems such as Clio and Actionstep using Verify 365 APIs and SDKs — allowing law firms to easily implement, test and integrate the company’s market leading fraud-prevention and anti-money laundering software solution.

The Internet of Things is expected to grow to 30 billion connected devices by 2025, exponentially expanding the devices and environments in which commerce can take place — from wearables, such as rings and watches, to home personal assistants and connected cars. Many of these devices are voice activated and not designed for typical passwords — requiring a new approach to client authentication, such as face, fingerprint or voice recognition, document verification, or device and client identification.

A 2022 Verify 365 survey showed that over 90 per cent of UK consumers believe that biometric authentication will make it easier to deal with lawyers than using manual ID verifications and source of funds checks.

“A typical client encounters many ID authentication moments during the course of a day, whether making a payment, checking a balance, or sending money to family and friends,” said Rudi Kesic, CEO at Verify 365.

“But traditional paper-based methods for ID verification and source of funds checks usually create frustration or are simply not designed for the new ways that people are interacting with law firms or paying bills. We built the new Verify 365 Intelligence Platform to help accelerate an easy-to-use onboarding solution which was specifically developed for law firms and to better protect lawyers against fraud by moving them closer to a world without outdated manual paper-based ID and AML checks.”

Recent Lawtech 365 Group’s research found that, as the speed and complexity of fraud and cyberattacks increases in the legal sector, law firms must look to agile technology solutions that provide consumers with security as well as convenience.

“While there are many competitors that offer basic ID verification checks, not all of them are compliant with the legal industry’s AML regulation frameworks, such as the Solicitors Regulation Authority and HM Land Registry, and the high level of privacy, security and regulatory oversight which is required in the legal sector,” added Rudi Kesic.

“Through the Verify 365 Intelligence Platform, law firms and estate agents can adopt a market-leading, effective and secure digital onboarding solution and accelerate time-to-market with streamlined client onboarding through Verify 365 as a single trusted source.”

Verify 365’s technology has been independently vetted and approved to ensure they meet legal industry expectations for security and client privacy, including onsite security assessments, penetration testing, and ongoing compliance audits. The platform also includes advanced and qualified e-signatures and digital payments, saving clients potentially months of negotiations with different providers.

“Verify 365 are working hard to create streamlined digital experiences for your clients,” added Rudi Kesic.

“At the same time, secure client onboarding and identify verification is critically important, given the escalating cyber threats and global money laundering landscape. The good news is that Verify 365 technology can help law firms get the win-win, providing superior security while at the same time removing unnecessary friction.”