SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, 07/07/23 – In a pioneering move, Verify 365, the leading risk and compliance technology provider, announces its expansion into Australia and New Zealand, aimed at enabling law firms to conduct more secure and efficient Source of Funds (SoF) checks. This technology empowers law firms, especially in the field of property transactions, where the need for enhanced fraud prevention has become critical.

The meticulous requirement of SoF checks in the property sector is key to deterring and detecting fraudulent activity, making Verify 365’s comprehensive open banking platform an invaluable asset for legal practitioners in Australia and New Zealand.

CEO of Verify 365, Rudi Kesic, explains, “Our technology is designed to provide law firms with a robust platform that ensures transparency and security during property transactions. By streamlining the SoF checks process, we allow firms to focus on their clients’ needs without compromising on the rigour of their risk and compliance procedures.”

Verify 365’s platform can securely access up-to-date banking data from over 2,300 banks, not just in Europe and the UK, but now extending to Australia and New Zealand. This expansion will equip law firms with the ability to carry out due diligence more efficiently, accurately assess their clients’ financial situations, and thereby dramatically reduce the risk of fraud.

Highlighting the importance of SoF checks in property transactions, Kesic adds, “In today’s globalised world, law firms require an immediate and comprehensive overview of their clients’ financial profiles. This capability is essential to ensure lawful property transactions and maintain the integrity of the legal profession.”

With the inclusion of Australian and New Zealand banks, Verify 365’s open banking solution is progressively becoming the risk and compliance tool of choice for law firms worldwide. “Our expansion into these markets aligns with our mission to revolutionise risk and compliance management for law firms globally,” said Kesic. “We’re committed to providing a platform that is as rigorous as it is user-friendly, keeping law firms one step ahead in the compliance landscape.”

About Verify 365

Verify 365, a premier risk and compliance technology provider, offers law firms a comprehensive solution for meeting regulatory obligations and enhancing fraud prevention. With a secure open banking platform providing real-time access to banking data, Verify 365 assists law firms in making informed decisions rapidly, thus improving efficiency and reducing costs. London-based Verify 365 is committed to global service, offering its pioneering solutions to legal practitioners worldwide.

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