Verify 365, a leading provider of advanced Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and electronic identity verification (eIDV) technology solutions for law firms, is expanding its reach and opening new hubs in Sydney and Dubai. The move is part of the company’s continued commitment to serving its growing customer base and providing the highest level of AML and eIDV technology in the legal and financial markets. 


The new Sydney and Dubai offices will be led by Ardi Melikian and Raveena Rani, respectively, who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the Verify 365 team. “I am thrilled to join the Verify 365 team and help expand the company’s presence in the Australian market,” said Ardi Melikian, Country Manager for Australia. “I am confident that our innovative solutions and customer-centric approach will make a positive impact in the region.”


Raveena Rani, Country Manager for the Middle East and India region, added, “I am excited to join Verify 365 and help drive growth in the Middle East and India. Our advanced technology solutions and commitment to compliance will position us as a leading player in the market.”


Rudi Kesic, CEO of Verify 365, said, “Expanding into new markets and opening these new hubs is a significant milestone for Verify 365. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of technology and compliance, and these new offices will help us better serve our growing customer base.”


With a focus on AML compliance, Verify 365 is leading the market with its advanced technology solutions, including real-time identity verification and advanced transaction monitoring. The company’s solutions are designed to help law firms meet their AML obligations and minimise the risk of financial crime.


Verify 365’s expansion into new markets, combined with its commitment to providing the most advanced AML and eIDV technology solutions, is a testament to the company’s continued growth and success.


For more information about Verify 365 and its innovative technology solutions, visit the company’s website.