Verify 365 has completed and announced an integration with an established, best-in-class, Case Management System, Actionstep.

actionstepVerify 365 established in 2020 provides a marketing-leading client AML solution directly to solicitors. Through the use of biometric and document fraudulency technology, they are able to offer a remote verification system speeding up the AML process without compromising on compliance. With integrated open banking and an advanced source of funds feature, Verify 365 offers a complete AML solution just to the legal profession.

The integration of Verify 365 and Actionstep builds upon a well-established relationship, with both companies looking to enhance their existing client offering. Verify 365 and Actionstep are both mutually compatible products that consolidate key features and functions within each other’s product, into one solution.

Mev Dzihic, Director at Verify 365, said “We’re really excited to announce our partnership with Actionstep. AML is a key component of regulatory compliance for law firms and through our work with Actionstep we will be able to offer an end-to-end solution that allows for a seamless transition from case management to AML verification and back, doing anyway with any technical and manual friction creating a better experience for everyone on the platform.”.

Actionstep, established over a decade ago, has seen phenomenal global growth of their case management system. Continually developing their UK presence, Azeem Rashid, Director at Verify 365, had this to say “Actionstep is a great case management system, through their extensive features and functionalities they have developed a market leading case management system. We have seen a continued uptake of our AML solution and don’t see any indictors of this slowing, and the Actionstep integration will only compliment this continued growth. Through this partnership, we expect there to be a strong market demand, especially with property solicitors, and we look forward to meeting that demand.”.

Verify 365 has continually developed their AML solution for solicitors with the introduction of a KYB solution and advanced financial analytics for client money. This strategic integration between Verify 365 and Actionstep will help them tackle law firms looking to revolutionise the way in which they manage and operate a law firm. With both solutions offering a cloud-based offering, eliminating the need for bulky and expensive on-premises systems, Verify 365 and Actionstep are driving the legal sector forward technology.

Rudi Kesic Director at Verify 365 had this to say “Verify 365 has truly revolutionised the way in which solicitors carry out their AML regulatory duties. No longer do client have to come into the office to verify themselves and no longer do they want to do that. Through our use of ID, open banking and source of funds technology we have developed a solution that is second to none. Our integration with Actionstep only builds upon our work and allows us to widen our offering, giving law firms the technology, systems and processes they need to be compliant and efficient.”.