In the complex world of legal procedures, accuracy, efficiency, and compliance form the foundation of every successful case. Legal forms, spanning the gamut from Inheritance Tax (IHT) to Form E, and from OPG to SDLT, lie at the heart of myriad case types. The seamless integration of Verify 365, the cutting-edge risk and compliance platform, with FormEvo, the modern, cloud-based legal forms solution, has revolutionised the way you manage these essential documents.

Harness the full power of FormEvo’s comprehensive legal forms library, pre-populated with data from Verify 365, for unmatched time-saving efficiencies. With forms not only produced and populated but also instantaneously saved to the electronic file, your workflow management reaches unprecedented levels of comprehensiveness.

Amplifying Your Business Capabilities with FormEvo and Verify 365

FormEvo boasts an extensive online forms library, many equipped with FormShare and eSign capabilities. When integrated seamlessly into your Verify 365 template library or crucial stages of your workflow, your forms can be populated with a single click using previously collected case information.

The integration of Verify 365 and FormEvo simplifies the creation and population of complex legal forms, making it as straightforward as drafting a standard letter.

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Risk and Compliance Technology in Verify 365

Verify 365 takes a step beyond conventional client intake and case management solutions by incorporating advanced risk and compliance technology into its core functionalities. The platform integrates AML, KYC checks, and ID verification into the onboarding process, ensuring your firm’s adherence to regulatory requirements and minimising the potential for fraud.

By integrating this comprehensive risk and compliance technology within your operations, Verify 365 allows you to not just intake clients, but also conduct due diligence and adhere to necessary compliance procedures in one unified platform.

 Leveraging Verify 365 and FormEvo for Conveyancers

For conveyancers, Verify 365 provides a seamless integration with, the premier third-party vendor to offer e-submission of SDLT forms.

Comprehensive Benefits with Verify 365 and FormEvo Integration

Incorporating your legal forms with Verify 365 confers a multitude of business benefits:

– Single input efficiency and accuracy: Automate data mapping from Verify 365’s database into forms

– Enhanced collaboration: Utilise advanced file sharing and editing capabilities

– Meticulous audit trail management: Benefit from automated form versioning

– Catering to all jurisdictions: Access a catalogue spanning England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales

– Effortless navigation: Progress through form changes using editing, tracking, and pop-up notes functionality

– Compliance assurance: Get instant access to correct versions of forms with automatic software updates

– Time-saving: Log in once, pre-populate fields, and electronically submit to save precious hours each day

– Streamlined submissions: Integrate with government gateways, including Companies House

Taking Your Practice to the Next Level with Verify 365 and FormEvo Integration

Elevate your legal practice with the unparalleled integration of Verify 365 and FormEvo. This single platform streamlines your workflow, enhances efficiency, ensures compliance, and empowers you to deliver superior client experiences.

Explore the transformative potential of our software through an online demonstration. One of our friendly team members will give you a guided tour and answer all your questions.

Embrace the power of Verify 365 and FormEvo integration today for a smarter, more efficient, and compliant tomorrow.