Completing compliant AML checks can be a rigorous challenge for lawyers, solicitors and conveyancers. AML checks play an essential role in the client onboarding process as legal professionals attempt to confirm the identity of potential clients.  

Innovations in technology are allowing firms to streamline their processes and have access to all the tools they need in one place. Without proper integrations and effective technology, several challenges are presented including an insecurity about the compliancy of your checks, increased time to complete identification tasks, taking you away from core legal tasks and a client experience that perhaps isn’t as smooth and easy as it should be.  

Verify 365, in partnership with our integrated partner Actionstep, has played a significant role in law firms across the UK, allowing them to streamline their process, have everything they need on one effective platform and practice compliantly within the frameworks of the regulation authorities.  

The Partnership Between Verify 365 & Actionstep 

Verify 365 seamlessly integrates with client management system platform Actionstep so you can initiate checks and send AML verifications directly to your matter file.  

This strategic partnership is in place to ensure your law firm has one effective workflow and can make changes that benefit your practice and the clients you are working with.  

Actionstep’s effective practice and case management system alongside the platform’s vast array of connected features including client intake, matter management, document management, time tracking, billing, accounting and business reporting made the partnership a simple, easy decision.  

The integration enables law firms using Actionstep to complete AML client due diligence effectively while ensuring everything is in one workflow within the system.  

What are the Benefits of Verify 365 and Actionstep’s Integration? 

Achieve fast, exceptional and reliable client due diligence Actionstep and Verify 365 elevate your practice’s AML compliance measures, ensuring your firm is adhering to the strictest regulations in place while providing a seamless experience for your clients.

Create a streamlined, efficient workflow – In addition to this, our Actionstep integration offers a streamlined, efficient workflow. Disjointed, withdrawn systems and processes can take far too much time away from firms looking to improve efficiency and effectiveness within their firm. One seamless workflow enables your firm to focus on the important matters, the experience of your client and the core legal work in relation to your clients.  

Revolutionising onboarding processes with our advanced AML checks – Verify 365’s integration with Actionstep is revolutionising onboarding processes, with our advanced AML checks, integrated workflows and expedited procedures all accessible within one effective practice management system. We give lawyers, solicitors and conveyancers that extra peace of mind knowing they are practicing compliantly, improving the overall infrastructure of their firm and providing top service to their clients.  

This groundbreaking partnership is changing the legal landscape as firms battle to remain compliant, improve overall services and enhance the client experience. Verify 365 and Actionstep are doing all of that and more, ensuring your firm is changing for the better and built for future growth.  

Elite Law Solicitors – The Partnership Making a Difference within the Legal Sector  

We have seen for ourselves the role the integrated partnership of Verify 365 and Actionstep are playing within law firms across the UK. Elite Law Solicitors are just one of our happy clients utilising the benefits both products offer through this partnership.  

With several offices across the South of England, Elite Law were focused on streamlining their processes while also ensuring all checks completed were in the framework of the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Since partnering with Verify 365 in April 2023, Elite Law have completed over 10,000 enhanced client due diligence checks utilising our innovative tools such as open banking, our electronic e-signature technology eSign 365, our source of funds questionnaire and our government-graded facial recognition Dynamic ID software.  

Actionstep and Verify 365 have enabled Elite Law to access everything they need in one place and complete checks in one effective, consistent workflow. Furthermore, Actionstep has enabled Elite Law to send verifications to their clients within a few clicks and receive automatic AML reports as soon as a check has been completed. This integration has further reduced the time taken to complete checks and client due diligence. 

An effective, seamless workflow has been created within several Elite Law branches due to the integration of Verify 365 and Actionstep. As well as creating a seamless workflow, the partnership has improved the overall effectiveness and efficiency of Elite Law’s client onboarding processes.  

Switch to Verify 365 

Verify 365’s integration with Actionstep is very much a viable solution to a number of challenges law firms face daily. The battle to remain compliant within the framework of the authority figures, the challenge of streamlining processes to improve overall efficiency within the firm itself and the task of improving overall services and client experience.  

Verify 365 is the ultimate client onboarding platform with everything you need to complete compliant client due diligence. The AML solution tackling the daily challenges and making life so much easier for law firms and professionals working within the legal sector.  

The partnership with Actionstep intertwines the very best of both products and as noted above, is changing the landscape of the legal sector and processes within law firms. It’s an exciting integration that will transform your client onboarding protocols for better.  

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