Twinwood Law Practice, a leading Birmingham-based law firm specialising in immigration, family, and litigation, announced today a new partnership with Verify 365, a cutting-edge client onboarding platform. Through this collaboration, Twinwood Law Practice aims to enhance its client onboarding process, focusing on AML checks which include comprehensive and ongoing monitoring screening on global sanction lists.

Led by Mr. Harjot Singh, Solicitor Advocate, who is a dual-qualified international lawyer with experience in both India and the UK, Twinwood Law Practice is committed to providing exceptional legal representation in complex immigration matters, family law, commercial litigation, public and constitutional law, and arbitration. Harjot Singh, Director at Twinwood Law Practice, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership: “As a firm dedicated to providing the best possible assistance, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our processes. Verify 365’s platform offers an innovative solution to streamline our client onboarding, allowing us to dedicate more time and resources to our clients’ cases.”

The SRA emphasises the risk-based approach for mitigating money laundering risks, and under its guidelines, adverse media screening is an important way to help develop accurate customer risk profiles. Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and other higher-risk relations are better monitored and receive an extra layer of scrutiny. Verify 365’s ongoing sanctions screening is crucial in helping verify clients and meet compliance requirements.

This collaboration between Twinwood Law Practice and Verify 365 highlights the increasing importance of leveraging technology to meet regulatory requirements and improve the overall efficiency of legal services. Remote digital onboarding is also an essential part of the firm’s overall commercial strategy, especially for Twinwood Law Practice as they work with a large number of global clients.

Azeem Rashid, Director of Verify 365, explained the benefits of the partnership: “We are proud to work with Twinwood Law Practice and support their commitment to helping their clients navigate the complexities of the legal system. By utilising our platform for AML checks, they will be able to conduct thorough sanction checks more efficiently, ensuring a smoother onboarding process for their clients.”

About Twinwood Law Practice

Twinwood Law Practice is a reputable law firm specializing in immigration and asylum law. With a dedicated team of experienced lawyers, Twinwood Law Practice prides itself on its commitment to providing the highest quality legal representation for asylum seekers and immigrants.

About Verify 365

Verify 365 is an innovative client onboarding platform designed to streamline the verification process for businesses and organizations. With a focus on efficiency, security, and compliance, Verify 365 offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help firms save time and resources while ensuring the utmost accuracy in client verification.