LONDON, UK – 20 June 2023 – The leading authority on technology startups, the “Top Startups Guide,” has named Verify 365 as the top Lawtech start-up in the UK. In its latest 2023 edition, the guide highlighted the top technology companies disrupting the legal sector at global level.

The legal technology industry is flourishing in London, the heart of global legal services. Verify 365, renowned for its advanced risk and compliance client onboarding technology for law firms, has secured the top Lawtech spot amongst a multitude of innovative legaltech startups.

Verify 365 outshone competitors with its strategic focus on providing super-secure services to its clients. The company offers an unparalleled level of security, including biometric identity verification, automated AML source of funds checks and global company checks, setting a new industry standard for client onboarding and risk management for law firms.

While other notables such as Lexoo, Just Legal, and SeedLegals were featured in the guide, Verify 365’s ground-breaking solutions have proven instrumental in revolutionising the legal sector in the UK, Australia, Singapore, European Union and Canada.

“Verify 365 team is excited and humbled to receive this recognition,” said Rudi Kesic, the CEO of Lawtech 365 Group, the company behind the Verify 365 risk and compliance technology platform. “My team’s relentless focus on innovation, compliance and delivering client-centric solutions has positioned Verify 365 AML software as a leader in the field. We thank our dedicated team, our partners, and our customers for their trust and continued support.”

Verify 365 is particularly known in the legal sector in the UK for transforming the risk and compliance anti-money laundering process, working in close partnership with the regulators such as the Solicitors Regulation Authority, the Law Society and HM Land Registry, thereby ensuring full AML regulations compliance, enhancing productivity, reducing fraud, and significantly improving the sector.

This accolade reflects Verify 365’s commitment to elevating the standards of legal service provision through technology, emphasising the company’s dedication to its vision of a more efficient and secure legal landscape.

About Verify 365 Risk & Compliance Technology

Verify 365 are an award-winning risk and compliance technology company, specialising in providing highly secure and advanced AML and ID checks software solutions for the legal industry. With its robust technology, Verify 365 is at the forefront of delivering superior client onboarding technologies that leverage state-of-the-art AI-algorithms, innovative risk management techniques and cutting-edge software solutions.