In the dynamic world of financial transactions, it is crucial for businesses to stay vigilant against money laundering and ensure compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations. To support businesses in their AML efforts, a diverse range of software and tools have emerged, offering advanced features and functionalities to streamline compliance processes, enhance risk management, and mitigate financial crime risks. This comprehensive analysis presents the top 10 AML software and tools for 2023, providing detailed insights into each solution’s capabilities, benefits, and optimisation for efficient AML checks.

1. Verify 365: The Best Solution for AML Compliance

Verify 365 stands out as an exceptional AML compliance solution, empowering businesses to streamline their AML strategies and identify fraudulent activities through advanced transaction monitoring and customisable alert systems. Its seamless integration capabilities enable businesses to enhance the efficiency of AML checks, ensuring timely detection of suspicious behavior and reducing the risk of financial crime. With transparent pricing and real-time alerts, Verify 365 facilitates efficient compliance management.

2. SEON: Run AML Checks, Block Bad Users, and Prevent Fraud

SEON offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help businesses run AML checks, block bad users, and prevent fraud effectively. Leveraging cutting-edge behavioral analytics and transaction monitoring, SEON excels in detecting and flagging suspicious behavior, ensuring compliance with AML regulations. Real-time alerts enable businesses to respond promptly to potential risks, while its seamless KYC experience enhances the accuracy and efficiency of AML checks.

3. Thirdfort: Secure Identity Verification and AML Compliance

Thirdfort specialise in secure identity verification, providing robust tools for AML compliance. Its advanced solutions enable businesses to verify identities securely and mitigate risks associated with money laundering. By offering comprehensive AML checks, Thirdfort facilitates efficient compliance management, reducing the likelihood of fraudulent activities and enhancing trust within transactions.

4. Credas: Digital Identity Verification and AML Tools

Credas offers digital identity verification solutions combined with AML tools to ensure seamless compliance. Its efficient and secure identity verification processes enhance trust and mitigate risks in AML checks. By providing comprehensive AML tools, Credas enables businesses to implement effective compliance measures, minimizing the potential for money laundering activities.

5. Legl: AML Compliance and Legal Technology Solutions

Legl provides AML compliance and legal technology solutions, catering specifically to legal professionals. The platform streamlines AML processes, allowing legal professionals to seamlessly integrate AML checks into their workflows. By ensuring compliance and efficient risk management, Legl empowers legal professionals to effectively mitigate financial crime risks while adhering to AML regulations.

6. ComplyAdvantage: Simplifying Compliance with AML APIs

ComplyAdvantage simplifies compliance management through easy API integration, offering customer screening, transaction monitoring, and adverse information checks. Its advanced tools enable businesses to enhance their AML strategies and meet regulatory requirements efficiently. ComplyAdvantage’s comprehensive AML capabilities ensure businesses stay ahead of evolving financial crime risks.

7. Dow Jones Risk & Compliance: Eponymous AML Risk Mitigation

Dow Jones Risk & Compliance provides a full suite of risk screening tools, including PEP sanctions, enhanced due diligence reports, and ongoing monitoring. With Dow Jones, businesses can effectively mitigate AML risks through robust risk management and regulatory compliance solutions. The platform’s extensive capabilities ensure businesses are well-equipped to combat financial crime and ensure compliance with AML regulations.

8. Feedzai: Leveraging AI to Fight Financial Crime

Feedzai specialises in reducing financial crime through its advanced fraud management and reporting platform. By leveraging AI-powered solutions, Feedzai enables businesses to detect and prevent AML activities effectively. Its self-service rules and scenarios, designed specifically for AML checks, provide accurate risk assessment and enhance compliance management.

9. iComply: Seamless KYC Experience for AML Compliance

iComply offers businesses a seamless KYC experience through its digital compliance administration platform. By facilitating AML screening, adverse media checks, and fitness and probity assessments, iComply ensures robust compliance management. The platform’s easy integration and diverse range of AML tools make it an ideal choice for businesses seeking efficient and accurate AML checks.

10. Acuris Risk Intelligence: Leveraging Human Intelligence for Enhanced AML Checks

Acuris Risk Intelligence offers a large intelligence database, supplying PEP, AML, and sanctions data. By leveraging human expertise, Acuris Risk Intelligence ensures businesses have access to reliable and up-to-date information for their AML checks. With scanning capabilities and comprehensive risk assessment tools, Acuris Risk Intelligence empowers businesses to enhance their AML compliance strategies effectively.


The top 10 AML software and tools for 2023 provide businesses with a wide array of advanced capabilities to enhance compliance, streamline AML checks, and mitigate financial crime risks. These solutions empower businesses to efficiently conduct AML checks through transaction monitoring, identity verification, risk assessment, and compliance management functionalities. By leveraging these industry-leading AML software and tools, businesses can stay ahead of AML regulations, detect suspicious activities promptly, and protect themselves from potential legal and reputational risks associated with money laundering. With their comprehensive features and seamless integration, these AML software and tools form a solid foundation for businesses seeking effective compliance and robust risk management in the ever-evolving financial landscape.