Verify 365 provides software that empowers law firms to make faster decisions, and verify and onboard clients in seconds, not days, whilst complying with ever-changing AML legislation.

What makes Verify 365 unique?

The AML software landscape can be complex, with many vendors claiming to be the magic bullet for compliance. Your law firm will have very specific AML compliance requirements due to the legal sector’s anti-money laundering regulations.

Why work with Verify 365?

Accelerate your growth, safely!

We assist legal firms in lowering the expense, difficulty, and risks associated with financial crime and money laundering. Our AML checks platform makes compliance management simpler so you can concentrate on what’s important: expanding and developing your business.

Verify 365 provides end-to-end KYC and KYB checks.

Verify 365 was founded in 2018 with the sole purpose of reversing the negative consequences that fraud and other financial crimes have on people and businesses.

Today, Verify 365 provides market-leading software with a single, user-friendly interface and a native iOS and Android biometric identity app that is available from anywhere at any time, combining compliance and verification technologies.

Verify 365 provides the next generation of compliance software.

With merely a company or person’s name and email address, you can initiate onboarding checks and verify over 4 billion people globally and over 500 million companies. Depending on acceptance within your chosen risk boundaries, the system will then deliver a single decision suggestion in real time.

Verify 365 will empower your solicitors and compliance team.

All users can instantly complete person, business, or staff verifications. The extra time saved allows you to focus on the most essential task at hand: managing and developing your law firm.

When a company implements Verify 365, it maintains compliance, manages risk more sustainably, and has a beneficial influence on decreasing financial crime.

Overview of Verify 365

~ Experience: With our advisory board, we have decades of expertise in the legal and compliance industry, developing the best KYC and KYB onboarding and ongoing AML monitoring solutions for regulated firms.

~ Innovation: Verify 365 delivers simple KYC and KYB onboarding through to complex PEPs, Sanctions, ID Verifications, Address verification, Source of Funds Checks, Digital Payments, Property Searches, Legal Forms, Legal Document e-Signatures, and Open Banking source of funds analytics. We listen to feedback and implement required regulatory or functional changes quickly to meet customer demand.

~ Centralised: There will be no more switching between data sources or paying for numerous systems. Verify 365 provides the best solution for KYC and KYB checks and client onboarding as well as continuing CDD from a single central purpose-built risk management engine.

~ Unrivaled: Because of our devoted and proactive assistance, as well as our unique solutions, hundreds of law firms globally have chosen Verify 365 as their preferred compliance partner.

~ Secure: Digitally transformed compliance delivered from a secure platform that meets CCPA, GDPR Compliances, WCAG version 2.0, and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation. Also, we have an Advisory Board that helps shape the vision and strategic direction to meet the needs of the legal sector and that understands compliance challenges and demonstrates their technical compliance expertise daily.


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