London, UK – Starck Uberoi Solicitors and Verify 365 are proud to announce their new partnership to streamline client onboarding processes within the property sector. Starck Uberoi Solicitors have been using Verify 365 for over a year and has been impressed with its efficiency and effectiveness. The law firm has noticed a significant increase in client onboarding efficiency and now, the law firm is switching to Verify 365 Enterprise, which they believe is the best client onboarding solution in the world.

Jonathan Starck, Senior Litigation Partner and co-Managing Director at Starck Uberoi Solicitors, said “I am delighted with the implementation of Verify 365 in our practice. It has not only made the client onboarding process more efficient and streamlined, but it has also provided significant benefits to our clients. With Verify 365, our clients can now verify their ID and Source of Funds in a matter of minutes from their smartphones, eliminating the need to visit our office in person. This is of great assistance for new clients, for example, who live far away or full diaries. The automated Customer Due Diligence has also helpfully reduced our admin workload, resulting in our admin team focusing on assisting fee earners to best serve our clients’ interests. The positive feedback we’ve received from both clients and staff evidences the effectiveness of this 21st century progressive and effective client onboarding solution.”

Verify 365’s Enterprise platform is perfect for the legal and property sector, with features such as issuing conveyancing quotes, signing documents electronically, open banking digital statements, enhanced source of funds checks, property searches, and integrations with case management systems, all in one platform. Raminder Singh, Senior Property Law Partner and co- Managing Director of Starck Uberoi Solicitors, said, “We’ve been using Verify 365 for over a year, and we love it. The platform has helped us streamline our client onboarding processes, saving us time and money. We’re excited to upgrade to Enterprise and take advantage of its workflow driven client onboarding, which we believe will make our processes even more secure and efficient.”

The growth of Verify 365 is a testament to its effectiveness in the property sector, where speed, efficiency, and security are of utmost importance. Rudi Kesic, CEO of Verify 365, said, “We’re thrilled Starck Uberoi continue with Verify 365, they have been using our platform for over a year, and their switch to Enterprise is a testament to the value we bring to the property sector. We look forward to working closely with them to continue to innovate and enhance our platform.

“In addition to its client onboarding features, Verify 365’s Enterprise platform includes Dynamic ID, a cutting-edge ID verification solution that combines facial biometrics and NFC based document checks with a liveness test and visual authenticity. This ensures that only the correct person is being onboarded, providing an additional layer of security and protection against fraud which is becoming increasingly common in the property sectors.

Mev Dzihic, CTO of Verify 365, said “Our Dynamic ID uses a liveness test to ensure the person being verified is present and physically interacting with the device, which prevents fraudsters from using pre-recorded or manipulated videos to bypass the verification process. We built Dynamic ID with the security of our clients’ data in mind, and we’re confident that it will have a significant impact on reducing the incidence of fraud and money laundering on a wider scale. We’re proud to be at the forefront of this technology and to offer our clients the most secure verification platform available.”

The partnership between Starck Uberoi and Verify 365 is expected to enhance client onboarding processes within the property sector, providing an efficient, secure, and seamless experience for clients and law firms alike. Starck Uberoi is a law firm that sets high standards for professional conduct and client care. The firm offers legal services in various practice areas, including Intellectual Property, Family & Divorce, Wills & Probate, Employment Law, Corporate Services, Immigration, Lease Extensions, Personal Injury, and Property Law.

The firm recently switched to Verify 365 to streamline the client onboarding process with compliance at the forefront. Verify 365 offers a Safe Harbour ‘digital ID’ standard that is HM Land Registry compliant and provides biometric NFC verification for ID checks, ensuring the highest levels of due diligence when dealing with property transactions.

Raminder Singh, Partner at Starck Uberoi Solicitors, also shared his thoughts on Verify 365, stating, “We switched to Verify 365 from our previous provider because their system is app-based and utilises technology like facial recognition to ensure the client is genuine. Verify 365 is compliant with both the Land Registry and ensuring my team is up to date with compliance rules and even goes beyond what is required. With Verify 365, we have been able to significantly cut our client onboarding times and give the firm scope to continue growing its services internationally.”

In addition to Starck Uberoi Solicitors, partner company and “One-Stop Shop” conveyancing service, Starck Uberoi Wealth will also benefit from Verify 365’s digital client onboarding solution.

With this solution, clients of Starck Uberoi Wealth can complete their KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) checks entirely online, making the process more efficient and less prone to fraud.

By using Verify 365’s digital client onboarding, Starck Uberoi Wealth’s mortgage brokers and financial advisors can streamline their processes and provide faster service to their clients. This collaboration between Starck Uberoi and Verify 365 not only benefits clients looking to buy or Remortgage property, but it also enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the financial services offered by Starck Uberoi Wealth.

Azeem Rashid, CMO said “As a company, we are expanding our reach beyond the legal sector to work with a broader range of regulated professionals, including fintechs, brokers, and wealth management companies. As an example, our KYB Concierge service provides an enhanced type of KYB (Know Your Business) check that is available to verify a business worldwide. This service enables corporate firms and financial services to comply with all regulatory requirements, and get a insight which is usually impossible or at least time-consuming and complex.

“We can help businesses onboard their clients more efficiently and securely, which can ultimately lead to a better overall client experience” added Azeem.

Verify 365 provides a suite of onboarding solutions that can be integrated into any business process, allowing for fast, reliable, and secure customer onboarding. Our solution includes Dynamic ID verification, anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) checks and enhanced due diligence for businesses (KYB). The platform also offers a range of features such as automated document eSignatures, Conveyancing tools and onboarding services and secure digital payments.

If you are interested in learning more about Verify 365’s solution, you can book a demo on their website to see how their solution can help streamline your customer onboarding process while also ensuring regulatory compliance.