In the modern digital landscape, law firms globally are tasked with an increasing complex maze of compliance obligations. These include globally recognised anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. Verify 365, a trailblazer in risk and compliance technology, offers comprehensive solutions that simplify and streamline these processes. This London-based company is revolutionising the way law firms approach compliance, making the process more efficient and seamless while keeping up with the evolving regulatory landscape. In this comprehensive guide, we explore in-depth how Verify 365 is transforming risk and compliance in the legal industry.

1. KYC ID Checks

KYC ID checks are a cornerstone of compliance efforts, designed to prevent identity theft, fraud, and money laundering. Verify 365’s KYC ID checks automate these processes, using sophisticated technology to verify the identity of clients rapidly. This quick, secure verification method boosts efficiency during the client onboarding process, minimises errors, and helps law firms adhere to AML and KYC regulatory obligations. By doing so, Verify 365 assists firms in mitigating risks and protecting their reputation in the industry.

2. AML Checks

AML checks are a vital component of a law firm’s strategy to combat financial crime. Verify 365’s AML checks utilise advanced technology to monitor and flag suspicious transactions that could indicate money laundering. By incorporating this system into their practice, law firms can safeguard themselves from legal ramifications and reputational damage. Additionally, the use of Verify 365’s AML checks helps firms meet their regulatory requirements and provide the necessary evidence in case of audits or investigations.

3. PEPs & Sanction Checks

International law requires firms to avoid conducting business with sanctioned or blacklisted entities. Verify 365’s sanction checks allow law firms to cross-reference their clients against global sanctions lists seamlessly. This process helps to ensure they are not unwittingly assisting in illegal activities, thus protecting them from severe penalties and reputational damage. Verify 365’s automated sanction checks play a vital role in maintaining regulatory compliance and fostering a culture of ethical business practices.

4. Source of Funds Checks

Understanding the source of your client’s funds is a fundamental aspect of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing (AML/CTF) compliance. Verify 365’s Source of Funds checks provide an effective solution, diving deep into the origins of client funds and transactions. This capability allows law firms to have a clear audit trail, protecting them from potential money laundering schemes and ensuring adherence to AML/CTF regulations. By incorporating Source of Funds checks, law firms can operate confidently, knowing they have taken the necessary steps to verify their clients’ funds’ legitimacy.

5. KYB & UBO Company Checks

Verify 365’s Know Your Business (KYB) and Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) checks offer a holistic understanding of corporate clients. With the capability to analyse the corporate structure and identify beneficial owners of over 500 million companies, Verify 365 helps law firms mitigate potential risks and conduct thorough due diligence. This aids law firms in remaining compliant with international AML regulations and reducing their exposure to financial and reputational damage.

6. eSign Technology

Verify 365’s eSign feature revolutionises the way law firms handle documentation. The ability to securely sign documents electronically offers a range of benefits including faster transactions, reduced paperwork, and enhanced security. This feature is especially critical in the current era, where remote work is common. By implementing eSign, law firms can accelerate client onboarding, reduce operational costs, and offer a seamless, user-friendly experience to their clients.

7. ePay Technology

Electronic payments (ePay) are an integral part of Verify 365’s platform. They offer a secure, convenient way to handle transactions, ensuring fast and smooth financial exchanges between law firms and their clients. With ePay, firms can reduce the time spent processing transactions, improve the client experience, and simplify their financial management.

8. eForms Automation

Through a strategic partnership with FormEvo, Verify 365 offers eForms, enabling automated digital form submissions. This not only simplifies data collection but also makes record-keeping more efficient and accurate. Digital forms reduce the risk of human error, offer a seamless data collection process, and ease record-keeping obligations. This feature significantly contributes to a smooth, efficient client onboarding journey.


Verify 365 is reshaping the way law firms approach risk and compliance, offering a suite of features designed to keep firms compliant, efficient, and client-focused. As regulatory landscapes continue to evolve, platforms like Verify 365 play a pivotal role in helping law firms navigate these changes with ease. By adopting these advanced tools, law firms can stay ahead of the curve, ensuring that they maintain their integrity, protect their reputation, and provide the best service to their clients. This guide provides a snapshot of the comprehensive benefits Verify 365 offers, but the full advantages can only be appreciated when the platform is integrated into the everyday operations of a law firm. As such, it’s an investment worth considering for any law firm looking to stay on top of their compliance obligations and streamline their processes.