Conveyancing law firms seeking an edge in today’s fast-paced, digital landscape need tools that enhance efficiency, accuracy, and client service. Enter Verify 365 – a comprehensive platform offering online Residential and Commercial property searches. This innovative solution turns the complex process of conveyancing into a streamlined, hassle-free experience.

Comprehensive Property Searches at Your Fingertips

At the heart of any conveyancing process is the property search – an essential step that gives clients a detailed understanding of the property they’re considering. Comprehensive property searches can reveal potential issues or factors that might impact the client’s decision to proceed with the purchase.

With Verify 365, you have access to a wide range of residential and commercial searches essential for conducting a conveyancing transaction in England and Wales. Our platform provides a clear, detailed picture of the property in question, ensuring your clients are well-informed before they make a significant investment.

Broad Range of Property Search Products

One of the standout features of Verify 365 is the diversity of its offerings. We understand that each conveyancing process is unique, and thus, different situations may call for different types of reports. To ensure you have access to the information you need, Verify 365 hosts a range of market-leading property search products.

Conveyancing reports from renowned providers are all available at your fingertips. Whether you need Regulated Local Authority searches, Official Local Authority searches, Environmental searches, or comprehensive homebuyer reports, Verify 365 makes it easy to gather the necessary data online.

Simplified Property Mapping

In the busy world of conveyancing, efficiency is key. That’s why Verify 365 is designed to simplify the process of ordering conveyancing searches. Leveraging data from key partners, including the Land Registry, you will have to an intuitive, easy-to-use mapping service.

With this feature, searching, locating, and mapping a property boundary becomes a breeze. What’s more, Verify 365 pre-populates your property searches using data from your matter, ensuring a seamless ordering process that’s both fast and accurate.

Innovative, Award-Winning Search Technology

At Verify 365, we’re constantly leveraging technology to enhance the conveyancing process. Our innovative platform allows you to order property searches online, with results automatically returned to your Case Management System (CMS) when integrated. This feature not only streamlines the process but also reduces the chance of errors that can occur with manual data entry.

Verify 365’s search technology also highlights known risks, making it easy to order additional searches on a property. We understand that each conveyancing law firm has its preferences, so we offer the ability to tailor your search packs. This means you can quickly order your most frequently used searches, eliminating repetitive selection processes.

Transform Your Conveyancing Process with Verify 365

Adopting Verify 365 means embracing the future of conveyancing. Our platform is designed to simplify and enhance property searches, providing conveyancing law firms with the tools they need to thrive in a competitive environment. Register with Verify 365 today and explore how our technology can support the growth and efficiency of your conveyancing practice.