Faster Client Onboarding: Unveiling the Power of Verify 365 Digital Onboarding for Law Firms

In the realm of legal practice, time is of the essence, and efficiency is paramount. Yet, the process of client onboarding, a pivotal step in establishing client relationships, has often been marred by manual tasks, paperwork, and regulatory hurdles.  Verify 365 Digital Onboarding Risk and Compliance technology transforms the landscape of client onboarding for law firms, paving the way for a faster, smarter, and more efficient process.

Traditional Onboarding Processes

For years, law firms have grappled with the complexities of manual client onboarding. From the initial quote or payment to the final identity checks and anti-money laundering (AML) compliance verification, the process has been laden with time-consuming tasks that extend far beyond the scope of legal expertise. The challenges were palpable:

Lengthy Paperwork

The traditional onboarding process involved stacks of paperwork, leading to delayed responses, lost documents, and cumbersome data entry.

Tedious Compliance Checks

Manual checks for PEPs and sanctions lists were not only time-consuming but also prone to human errors, putting firms at risk of non-compliance.

Inefficient Communication

Coordinating between different departments and stakeholders meant disjointed communication, leading to inefficiencies and confusion.

 Verify 365 Digital Onboarding

The Verify 365 Digital Onboarding platform emerges as a beacon of efficiency, promising to streamline and enhance the entire client onboarding journey. This revolutionary solution is built to resonate with lawyers and professionals who understand the value of time and accuracy.

A Unified Platform

Verify 365 unifies the onboarding process, creating a centralised hub where client information, documentation, and compliance data converge. From the initial engagement to the final compliance check, everything is seamlessly integrated, erasing the gaps that often plague manual processes.

Swift and Accurate Compliance Checks

The heart of Verify 365 lies in its ability to perform real-time compliance checks, leaving no room for oversight. By cross-referencing against an extensive database of PEPs and sanctions lists – which includes significant lists such as the FBI and CIA – the platform ensures thorough due diligence. With ongoing monitoring against around 1500 lists, the risk of missing critical information is significantly reduced.

Paperless Perfection

Verify 365 replaces the mountains of paperwork with a digital ecosystem that thrives on efficiency. Clients can submit documents securely online, eliminating the need for physical copies that can be misplaced or damaged.

Collaboration Made Effortless

Communication breakdowns are a thing of the past. Verify 365 fosters collaboration by providing a unified platform accessible to all relevant parties. Legal teams, clients, and compliance officers can interact seamlessly, sharing updates, clarifications, and information without the hassle of fragmented communication channels.

AML at the Core

Anti-money laundering (AML) compliance is at the forefront of Verify 365’s mission. The platform employs advanced algorithms to scrutinise financial activities, ensuring that all transactions are above board. This proactive approach to AML safeguards both law firms and their clients from potential risks.

Case Study: A Glimpse into Seamless Onboarding

Consider a scenario where a law firm engages with a new client seeking property conveyancing services. Traditionally, this process would involve multiple in-person meetings, exchanged emails, and a series of manual compliance checks.

With Verify 365 Digital Onboarding:


The client receives an online quote and pays securely through the platform.

Document Submission

The client uploads necessary documents, such as identification and property details, directly to the platform.

Real-time Compliance Checks

Verify 365 instantly performs PEPs and sanctions checks, providing the law firm with accurate compliance status.


The law firm and client can interact within the platform, clarifying information and sharing updates.

AML Compliance

Verify 365’s algorithms continuously monitor financial activities, ensuring AML compliance throughout the transaction.

Embrace Efficiency

In a digital age where speed and precision define success, law firms cannot afford to be shackled by outdated onboarding processes. Verify 365 Digital Onboarding empowers law firms to embrace efficiency, elevate client experiences, and enhance compliance practices.

As legal professionals, the choice is clear: cling to the antiquated or embrace the innovative.

The future of client onboarding has arrived, and Verify 365 is leading the charge.

Ready to embark on a smarter client onboarding journey? Explore Verify 365 Digital Onboarding today.