In a landmark case of high-profile crime, notorious criminals who supplied Scotland’s most elusive gangsters with fake passports have been incarcerated. These high-risk criminals paid as much as £20,000 for fraudulently obtained genuine (FOG) passports, which offered them the means to abscond and forge new lives in foreign lands, including Spain, Portugal, and prestigious cities like Dubai.

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Anthony Beard, a key player in this “fraudulent passport” scheme, was incarcerated for six years and eight months at Reading Crown Court, after admitting to conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and conspiracy to make a false instrument with intent.

Beard, who would pay vulnerable individuals for their expired passports, would then apply for renewals using their names but with his criminal clients’ photos. He managed to successfully see through more than 100 fraudulent applications.

The operation also involved Christopher Zietek, who served as a broker for a Glasgow-based crime gang allegedly run by the brothers James and Barrie Gillespie, and Alan Thompson, described as Zietek’s “trusted lieutenant.”

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