Verify 365 Global Beneficial Ownership: Find business registry data

When conducting due diligence on a new foreign entity or offshore company, law firms are on their own to investigate and identify global beneficial ownership data and registry information. It’s vital to the safety of your law firm, but where do you even start to source and research this data?

With the right tools, that’s how.

Verify 365 Global Beneficial Ownership

With unrivalled access to the world’s business data, law firms can transform their anti-money laundering compliance into competitive advantages.

  • Conduct due diligence on international corporate entities and uncover their owners
  • Protect your law firm’s reputational risk
  • Understand your client’s ownership chain risks
  • Investigate shell corporations and criminal rings

Access our global network of real-time company information, instantly decode complex shareholder structures and automate your AML compliance with Verify 365 suite of KYC and KYB services.

Verify 365 UBO Discovery

Uncover the ownership structures of legal entities from around the world with one simple tool. Powered by artificial intelligence, Verify 365 UBO discovery offers law firms a new standard of search and discovery experience that includes:

  • Cross-border shareholder discovery
  • Compliance enabled by primary source data from government registers
  • Fully automatic and manual discovery modes (for your EDD needs)
  • Intuitive filters that enable tailored views (e.g. by ownership percentage)
  • Ownership tree reports that are easily exportable
  • Automated retrieval of original company filings and documentary evidence

Contact us to learn how Verify 365 KYB Checks can help surface crucial data around global ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) data and corporate registries and provide comprehensive reports that ensure the safety of your law firm from bad actors.