In a classic case of “too little, too late,” Bayern Munich FC found itself on the receiving end of a police search on suspicion of money laundering by none other than Alisher Usmanov. While the actions of the investigators were not aimed at Bayern FC, the club still finds itself in a sticky situation.

Usmanov, a billionaire with connections to Vladimir Putin, is suspected of hiding money from crimes like tax evasion from 2017-2022. German journalists are estimating that the amount could be in the multi-million dollar range. And where does Bayern come into the picture, you may ask? Well, it turns out that their honorary president, Uli Hoeness, has a few ties to Usmanov, including sharing villas on Lake Tegernsee.

The police were looking for evidence of money laundering by Usmanov and happened to stumble upon Bayern Munich FC in the process. Hoeness, who was also supposed to provide Usmanov with VIP tickets to Bayern’s Champions League matches, is reportedly a “point of contact” between the two parties. It’s unclear what, if anything, the police found during the search.

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Lawyers acting for Bayern Munich FC should learn from this and invest in anti-money laundering technology to avoid future mishaps. Bayern may have dodged a bullet this time, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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