Essex based TTS Legal have become the latest law firm to receive a fine from The Solicitors Regulation Authority for anti-money laundering failings.

The firm have been handed a fine totalling £23,216, accompanied by extra costs amounting to £1,350. TTS Legal’s AML failures occurred between 2018 and 2020 relating to three conveyancing transactions where they breached the regulations in place and failed to complete the necessary due diligence.

The Story Behind the TSS Legal’s AML Failings

In the first two instances, the firm was retained by Client A, and notably, by Client B in the third. A fatal error escalates as Client B, holding the mantle of financial advisor to Client A, operated falsely. Consequently, the due diligence and identity checks were not completed sufficiently.

In addition to this, the firm categorically failed to analyse all financial documents. The breaches were as glaring as they were routine, with discrepancies in financial explanations slipping under the firm’s radar. In one instance, a non-existent deposit of £185,000 from an invisible solicitor disappeared straight away when closely examined by the authorities.

The third transaction was a release of £46,000 to the seller’s solicitor at the behest of Client B, sans the trappings of rightful authority. The transaction, ensnared in the unraveling of a mortgage deal, underpins the inadvisable prudence on TTS Legal’s part.

Important to Remain Compliant Within the Regulations

TTS Legal quickly aligned itself with the Money Laundering Regulations 2017, adamant in its assertions of compliance. The firm’s collaboration in the ongoing investigation played an important role in the overall outcome. The SRA’s decision to impose a fine was a careful judgment, balancing the risks of potential harm against the firm’s efforts to improve.

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TTS Legal’s failings are a stark remainder to all workers within the legal sector about the importance of completing thorough due diligence on clients. Law firms are all too aware the challenges both compliance and AML throw at them on a day-to-day basis so its imperative to stay on top and not let complacency set in.