In the complex, ever-evolving legal sector, one of the most essential aspects of any efficient, functioning law firm is the processes in place, particularly how clients are onboarded.

With client onboarding an essential process, the way these processes are being done is changing because technological breakthroughs. Innovative, digital technology is changing the landscape of the legal sector, allowing law firms to perform efficiently, effectively and offer an enhanced client experience.

Technological Innovation has Influenced Client Onboarding

The digital innovations have cast a new light over the legal landscape, demanded by evolving client expectations in a world where digital platforms are becoming more prevalent as law firms enhance their processes.

Digital onboarding asserts itself as a sector-defining practice, offering enhanced speed, reliability and most importantly, compliance within the necessary regulations.

The Case for Speed and Ease

For prospective clients, digital onboarding means law firms can quickly performance thorough due diligent checks on clients. It eradicates the need for manual processes and have everything they need in one place.

In addition to this, digital processes slash significant time, with cases often able to be initiated within the same day.

Compliance the Essential Factor Behind Onboarding Innovations

Adhering to the guidelines in place and completing compliant checks is a daily challenge for many law firms but innovative digital technology platforms are changing the processes and allowing firms to complete thorough checks, crucially within the necessary guidelines and regulations.

AML is a common concern for law firms but digital client onboarding platforms are making these checks much easier to perform. Platforms are verify 365 for example are changing the game for law firms. Verify 365 is an AML solution, client onboarding platform that allows law firms to have everything they need in one place.

Complete compliant identity and address checks within minutes using our Biometric Identification Verification software, send over digital documents and invoices with our e-signatures and e-payments tools, complete efficient company and source of funds checks. The platform is changing the landscape allowing law firms to streamline their processes and offer an enhanced client experience and service.

Embracing Digital Client Onboarding

Digital onboarding is become more prominent within the legal sector with law firms trying to find ways to streamline their processes. While some may not fully embrace digital innovations preferring a more traditional approach, the technological landscape is evolving and will become more innovative.

Embrace the secure path of digital onboarding as it is elevating law firms to new heights allowing them to firm to streamline, secure information effectively and compliantly and enhance services overall.