Singapore, June 21, 2023 – Today, the British Chamber of Commerce Singapore (BCC Singapore) commenced the week’s trade mission with a morning event at the British Chamber of Commerce Singapore headquarters. The event aimed to welcome and introduce the trade mission delegates and shed light on the promising landscape for legal technology in Singapore. Distinguished speakers from the UK lawtech sector and the Singapore business and technology industry gathered to discuss the region’s potential, the pressing need for streamlining legal operations, and the future collaboration between Verify 365 and the British Chamber of Commerce Singapore.

Azeem Rashid, Director at Verify 365, represented his company, who has launched their new office alongside other chosen delegates from the UK lawtech sector. Azeem expressed his excitement for the company’s entry into the Singaporean market, stating, “This opportunity is tremendously exciting for Verify 365. We are eager to provide our valuable solutions in the region and contribute to the growth of legal technology in Singapore.”

David Kelly, Executive Director of BCC Singapore, highlighted the remarkable developments taking place in Singapore. He emphasised the city-state’s reputation as a global financial hub, with its massive brand recognition and a startup finance ecosystem that fosters innovation. With a population of 5.6 million people, Singapore offers a dynamic environment characterised by low unemployment rates, a robust education system, and a diverse multicultural society. Kelly underlined the importance of technology as a core pillar in the Singapore-UK relationship, as evidenced by the recently signed Digital Economy Agreement and the Green Economy Framework.

The speakers also discussed the significant opportunities for legal tech in Singapore, particularly in streamlining operations such as risk and compliance. Damian Adams, Partner at Watson Farley & Williams, acknowledged Singapore’s leading infrastructure in the region, attracting businesses from various industries, including law firms. Adams highlighted the need for solutions that enhance efficiency and meet client expectations, with compliance representing a particularly promising area for innovation and streamlining processes.

Representing leading law firm Bird and Bird, Chelsea Chan emphasised the value of user-friendly and efficient legal tech solutions. She noted the investments being made in new technologies and the importance of trust and certainty in the tools utilised. The speakers also highlighted the Singapore government’s commitment to digitising the legal sector, creating an environment that parallels the UK’s approach.

The event further showcased the strong collaboration between the law and tech ecosystems. Leslie Sarma, APAC lead at Tech Singapore Advocates, commended the extraordinary engagement of the Singapore government in the technology scene. She emphasised Singapore’s status as a gateway to Southeast Asia and encouraged businesses to leverage the available support provided by government agencies.

The opening event organised by the British Chamber of Commerce Singapore set a vibrant tone for the trade mission, highlighting the exciting opportunities for legal technology in Singapore. With the support of the British Chamber of Commerce Singapore, Verify 365 and other UK law tech delegates aim to contribute to the growth and advancement of the legal tech sector in the region.

Azeem Rashid, Director at Verify 365, shared his thoughts on the trade mission and the week ahead, stating, “We are pleased to be chosen for this trade mission and grateful for the opportunity to showcase Verify 365’s innovative legal technology solutions. The week ahead holds immense promise for us as we connect with key stakeholders and explore potential collaborations. We are excited to contribute to the growth of legal tech in Singapore and forge lasting partnerships in this dynamic market.”

About British Chamber of Commerce Singapore

The British Chamber of Commerce Singapore is an independent membership organisation committed to promoting business relations between the UK and Singapore. With a vibrant network and a focus on collaboration and growth, the chamber provides a platform for businesses to connect, exchange knowledge, and access opportunities.

About Verify 365

Verify 365 is a leading provider of legal technology solutions specialising in risk and compliance. With its commitment to streamlining legal operations and enhancing efficiency, Verify 365 aims to revolutionise the legal industry by delivering user-friendly and reliable tools for risk and compliance management worldwide.