Bond Adams Solicitors select Verify 365 to power AML and ID verifications, automating client onboarding

16 October 2022 – London

By Verify 365 News

Bond Adams Solicitors, with offices in Leicester, Birmingham and London, recently named Law Firm of the Year and one of the country’s most innovative solicitors firms, has partnered with Verify 365 to verify clients using the latest AI-powered digital identity and AML verification technology.

Bond Adams are the latest solicitors practice in the UK to partner with Stratford-on-Avon-based Verify 365 for trusted digital identity verification and automated client onboarding, which will enable the firm to streamline the SRA-required anti-money laundering procedures, while providing a great digital client journey. Having a compliant and seamless client onboarding experience that balances evolving SRA and HMLR compliance and emerging fraud threats is essential as the practice scales.

“The legal sector is changing fast, and our philosophy is to bring new technologies on a “mobile-app first” basis. Adding NFC-chip technology and facial biometrics brings a new client experience and simplifies and speeds up the entire onboarding process,” says Rafiq Patel, Managing Partner at Bond Adams.

The firm opted for Verify 365’s “complete solution” and an API-based integration with the firm’s case management system to include the following features:

1. NFC & Biometrics ID Check

2. Proof of Address Check

3. Politically Exposed Person (PEPs) Check

4. International Sanctions List Check

5. Open Banking Source of Funds Verification

6. KYB Company Check (International)

In addition, the firm has also adopted Lawtech 365’s ePayment platform, ePay 365,  and the eSignature platform, eSign 365, as a fully integrated digital client onboarding solution for the practice.

With the integration of Verify 365, the firm’s clients can be verified remotely in less than two minutes by simply taking a scan of their government-issued ID document’s NFC-chip using their smartphone, followed by a selfie which includes the company’s market leading “DynamiqID” liveness detection technology, and finally linking their profile with the secure online banking platform for an instant source of funds verification, which is required for conveyancing transactions.

Verify 365 first extracts the encrypted data from the NFC-chip and matches this to the ID document. The platforms then uses the latest AI-powered DynamiqID facial biometric and liveness technology to check that the ID matches the client’s face. This ensures the person presenting the identity is its legitimate owner and is physically present.

What makes Verify 365 unique is that users can start their AML and digital identity verification journey anywhere, anytime, through a simple and user-friendly app that meets all the regulatory requirements from the HM Land Registry, Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority.

Key benefits for Bond Adams clients

The key benefits of the platform to Bond Adams include:

1. AML Compliance and Identity Verification provided within one integrated solution;

2. Firm can onboard clients from anywhere, no need for clients to visit an office;

3. Full compliance with HM Land Registry’s Safe Harbour Digital ID Standard;

4. Full compliance with the Solicitors Regulation Authority Enhanced Due Diligence;

5. Verification fee recharged to the client – the system is effectively free for the firm;

6. Access to verified and analysed source of funds (bank data) for every new client;

7. Clients can easily make a payment on account during onboarding;

8. Clients can e-sign digital documents during onboarding, including QES;

9. Ability to onboard clients from over 195 countries and verify over 10,000 ID documents.

Rudi Kesic, CEO at Verify 365, commented: “We’re delighted to support Bond Adams Solicitors across all three offices in London, Birmingham and Leicester, and provide the practice with the best, market-leading AML and digital identity verification technology, which will enhance their digital client onboarding journey, operational efficiency, and fraud prevention. Verify 365’s technology, and our unique DynamiqID biometrics risk engine brings instant trust to our client’s legal transactions. With Verify 365’s fully automated NFC and biometrics technology, real-time risk assessments, market-leading e-payments and e-signature technology, Bond Adams Solicitors can verify and onboard their clients in minutes.”

Verify 365 Subscription Plans include a three-tier model – Express (£99 per month) for law firms undertaking less than 10 client verifications per month; Premium (£245 per month) for law firms undertaking more than 10 verifications peer month; and Enterprise (£1,950 per month) for firms onboarding more than 100 clients per month, allowing solicitors to select the most effective option, and providing the opportunity to grow.

Features vary by tier, but HM Land Registry and SRA compliance is included at all levels.

Premium plan subscribers receive “Risk Labelling” with their subscription, as well as e-Payments and e-Signatures, which are available as an add-on for the Express Plus members.

“As solicitors firms face tougher eIDV and AML regulations, and look to mitigate fraud risk, we want to ensure they have an option for safe, reliable, and instant identity verification and AML compliance. Our Express Plans model will help lawyers get up to speed and compliant quickly, and with different pricing levels, solicitors firms of all sizes can have eIDV capabilities that are scalable as they grow,” added Rudi Kesic.

If your law firm is looking for a digital client onboarding solution specifically developed for SRA regulated solicitors firms in England and Wales, please visit