The Silverstone Circuit, renowned as the home of British motorsport, served as the stunning venue for an exceptional legal tech event. With its picturesque location overlooking the main straight of the F1 track, the choice of this iconic circuit was a testament to the remarkable accomplishment of securing such an extraordinary setting. The event, hosted by the esteemed Sky broadcaster Jenny Drummond, a dedicated sports broadcast journalist with a wealth of experience presenting, reporting and commentating – commenced with a warm welcome from Trevor of the BEST Foundation, setting the stage for an enlightening and engaging start.

Piers Linney: AI, Automation and Value Driven Services

The event kicked off with an inspirational keynote address by Piers Linney, a former Dragons’ Den star and highly successful lawyer-turned-investment banker. Piers shared his incredible journey, speaking on the significance of tenacity and an unwavering drive to overcome obstacles, including issues of equality and diversity prevalent during his early career. Captivating the audience, he delved into the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) and the rapid changes it is bringing to various industries.

Piers also noted the importance of the value pyramid, highlighting that any business offering a service must incorporate a personal touch to provide a higher quality and higher value experience. He cautioned that without this human touch, businesses risk losing out to larger enterprises investing heavily in AI. Piers made bold predictions about the inevitable takeover of AI and how it presents an extraordinary opportunity for businesses, including the legal sector, to seize a once-in-a-century chance for transformation.

During his address, Piers also touched upon OpenAI and its chatbot GPT, emphasising how the combination of automation and AI can liberate business owners from mundane administrative tasks. He highlighted the advantages of leveraging AI in day-to-day operations and shared how he incorporates it into his own professional life. Piers left the audience with a key takeaway: that human creativity and the ability to understand what humans need or want remain our superpower, while technology serves as the enabler.

Empowering Legal Technology Panel Discussion:

As a proud sponsor of B.E.S.T. Foundation, Verify 365 was proud to sponsor a thought-provoking discussion on legal technology. Led by Jonathan Maskew from Taylor Rose, the panel featured an esteemed lineup of speakers who delved into critical topics such as Digital ID & Onboarding, AI, eSignatures, and digitising lasting powers of attorney (LPA).

Keynote Panelists and Topics Explored:

The legal technology panel featured prominent industry figures who shared their insights, expertise, and vision for the future. Let’s delve into the key speakers and the topics discussed during this captivating session:

  1. Azeem RashidDirector at Verify 365: Azeem spoke about the importance of law firms adopting technology specifically designed for the legal sector. He discussed the benefits of combining digital ID and signatures, which are crucial elements in the ongoing digitization of LPAs. Azeem showcased the immense potential of these technologies in streamlining legal processes and enhancing client experiences.
  2. Nicola Muir – Deputy Director at HM Land Registry: As a representative from HM Land Registry, Nicola offered valuable insights into the evolving landscape of digital ID and onboarding. Her expertise shed light on the challenges and opportunities associated with implementing these technologies, while emphasizing the importance of maintaining regulatory compliance and data security.
  3. Aleks TomczykExizent: An expert in the legal services sector, Aleks brought forward a wealth of knowledge regarding the considerations and opportunities presented by technology adoption. His insights into the intersection of technology and legal services enriched the panel discussion, inspiring attendees to embrace innovation in their own practices.
  4. Chris Jones – Icon UK Limited: Chris provided valuable perspectives on the implications of legal technology, highlighting the various types of considerations and opportunities available within the legal services sector. His expertise enabled the audience to gain a deeper understanding of the potential impact and benefits of technology integration in legal workflows.
  5. Stephen PitchOffice of the Public Guardian: Stephen shared exciting news about the upcoming parliamentary reading on June 16th, which focuses on the digitisation of LPAs. This legislative development showcases positive advancements in regulations, underscoring the commitment to modernise legal processes. Stephen’s contributions reinforced the importance of digitizing LPAs and the positive direction in which the industry is moving.

The panel discussion, packed with valuable insights and expertise, was exceptionally well-received by the audience. Attendees gained a deeper understanding of the importance of adopting technology tailored for the legal sector and witnessed the potential impact of Digital ID & Onboarding, AI, eSignatures, and digitising LPAs. 

The discussion on the future of legal technology sparked enthusiasm and inspired attendees to explore innovative solutions within their respective practices.

Elevating Personal Branding: Insights from Amelia Sordell’s Keynote :

Attendees were privileged to witness an insightful keynote presentation by Amelia Sordell, representing Klowt, a highly successful digital marketing agency. Amelia’s expertise in personal branding and social media propelled her agency to success in a remarkably short span of time. Her keynote focused on how lawyers can leverage personal branding to amplify their business growth by positioning themselves as experts and delivering maximum value through various channels.

Amelia’s interactive and engaging keynote presentation captivated the audience, offering a fresh perspective on the power of personal branding within the legal profession. She shared valuable insights and actionable strategies that lawyers could implement to strengthen their personal brand and harness its potential for business growth.

Amelia emphasised the importance of portraying oneself as an expert in the legal field through effective personal branding. She demonstrated how lawyers can establish credibility, build trust, and attract clients by showcasing their expertise, unique value propositions, and thought leadership across various social media channels.

One of the key aspects highlighted in Amelia’s keynote was the significance of providing maximum value to the audience. She discussed the importance of creating informative and engaging content, sharing valuable insights and expertise through blogs, articles, podcasts, and videos. Amelia stressed the need for consistency in content creation and advised lawyers to leverage different channels to reach a wider audience and establish a strong online presence.

Amelia encouraged active engagement with the audience by answering questions, participating in industry discussions, and collaborating with peers. She highlighted the potential of networking and building meaningful relationships to expand professional opportunities and enhance personal brand visibility.

The interactive nature of the session enabled attendees to ask questions, seek personalised advice, and engage in meaningful discussions, further enhancing their learning experience. 

Many participants expressed their enthusiasm for implementing the strategies shared by Amelia and recognized the value in using personal branding as a tool for differentiation in the legal industry.

Triumph Over Adversity: Frank Bruno’s Inspirational Journey

The finale of keynotes featured a truly inspiring session with none other than Frank Bruno, the renowned former heavyweight boxing champion of the world. Frank shared his remarkable life story, highlighting his rise to boxing stardom, his struggles with mental health, and the invaluable role of exercise in managing day-to-day stresses. The audience was captivated by Frank’s incredible insights, making it a memorable and well-received conclusion to the event.


Overcoming Challenges and Mental Health Battles

Frank Bruno’s presence at B.E.S.T. Foundation brought an extraordinary dimension to the event. He shared his personal journey, triumphing over adversity and becoming the heavyweight boxing champion of the world. Frank’s openness about his mental health battles resonated deeply with the audience, creating a profound connection with his story of resilience and courage.

During his session, Frank spoke in great detail about the importance of exercise as a tool for managing stress and maintaining mental well-being. He shared his personal experiences, explaining how physical activity became a crucial part of his daily routine. Frank’s insights highlighted the powerful link between physical and mental health, inspiring attendees to prioritise self-care and adopt healthy habits.

Frank Bruno’s session had a significant impact on the audience, who were deeply moved and inspired by his journey. His openness about mental health struggles and the role of exercise in his life resonated with individuals facing similar challenges. Attendees were motivated to seek positive outlets for stress management and to prioritise their mental well-being.

Frank’s insights not only shed light on the importance of resilience and determination but also provided hope and encouragement to those facing their own battles. The audience left the event with a renewed sense of purpose, embracing the idea that through perseverance and self-care, they too can overcome challenges and achieve success.


The B.E.S.T Foundation Conference delivered on its promise of inspiration and innovation, leaving attendees energised and motivated to drive change in the legal tech sector.

Through thought-provoking discussions, networking opportunities, and access to industry experts, the event served as a catalyst for growth and collaboration. It reinforced the importance of embracing technology, fostering innovation, and envisioning a future where legal services are elevated through cutting-edge advancements.