How To Execute A Successful Lawyer 365 Marketing Strategy In 8 Easy Steps

No longer just a lawyer directory app, Lawyer 365 boasts thousands of daily app users and video consultations, and has transformed into an extremely useful marketing tool for law firms.

With that in mind, if you are looking for more clients for your law practice, you need to ensure you are executing a successful Lawyer365 marketing campaign in order to really capitalise on this incredibly useful platform. 

Here, we discuss the most essential steps you can take in order to do just that.

Law Firm Marketing

1. What do you want to achieve through Lawyer 365?

It is crucial to outline your goals at the onset of your Lawyer 365 marketing strategy. Typically, you may want to target one or more of the following goals:

A. Build brand awareness

B. Generate qualified leads

C. Strengthen brand reputation

D. Engage with your audience

E. Get client reviews for your service

2. Who is your target client base?

Next, it is time to define your target client base in order to develop a solid Lawyer 365 marketing strategy. You can outline your audience on the basis of different parameters such as job title, geographic location, sector, for example.

It can also be useful to help you gain meaningful insights about your audience and the type of content they prefer. This, in turn, will help you tailor your Lawyer 365 marketing strategy to cater to the needs of your clients.

3. Do you have a Lawyer 365 profile?

Think of your Lawyer 365 profile as one of the biggest assets of your marketing strategy. It is one of the first interactions potential clients are going to have with your legal practice and it should help them learn everything they want to know about your law firm. 

You need to show your own profile photo, your firm’s logo, website URL, specialisms, location, and other details which will build your company’s credibility making your Lawyer 365 marketing strategy much stronger. Adding a cover image that resonates with your brand is a good idea too.

4. Focus on your Lawyer 365 profile!

A super-optimised profile on Lawyer 365 app will help you gain increased visibility in search results, both on and off Lawyer 365. This makes it easier for people to learn about your practice using search engines as well as the Lawyer 365 website and app. You can optimise your profile for search with either keywords or a link to your firm’s website. 

5. Who is your main competitor?

It is always crucial to see how you measure up against the competition! Lawyer 365 provides various listings of law firms similar to yours. It also gives you access to a few key metrics, including the total number of followers and their social media feeds. This will help you identify what is working well for them and integrate those tactics into your own Lawyer 365 marketing strategy.

6. How to promote your Lawyer 365 profile? 

In addition to optimising your profile for the app, you should also encourage people to follow it by offering free consultations by video. See example profile for Suezanne King, SMQ Legal. Increasing your visibility is crucial to creating a successful Lawyer 365 marketing strategy. It ensures that all of your updates show up in their feed which, in turn, increases the reach of your content. Remember, a high follower count also reinforces the credibility of your law practice.

7. Create original content for Lawyer 365

Retaining your clients and engaging with them is a challenge! Even if you have achieved a high number of video consultations, bookings and followers already, you really need a plan to keep them! The best way to so this is simply by creating engaging content. If they are engaged, they will keep coming back. 

Make sure you use key words in your content strategy, such as:

– Free consultation lawyer

– Free consultation lawyer near me

– Lawyer near me

– Good lawyers near me

– A lawyer by video

– Family law free consultation

We also recommend creating a content calendar. Consistency is the key to retaining your clients and keeping them hooked to your Lawyer 365 profile. It’s an essential element of any successful Lawyer 365 marketing strategy.

8. Use more images and short videos

Despite being easy to implement, many marketers overlook this Lawyer 365 marketing strategy even though it is one of the best ways to grab the attention of your client base.  Yes, we are talking about using images and videos. It is so easy to do as Lawyer 365 now allows you to upload videos directly onto the platform. 

We recommend that you create five short 1-2 minute videos with proper subtitles. Make sure the videos are authentic and reflect the vision of your brand in an appropriate manner.

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