Introducing Our Will Aid Partnership

We’re thrilled to present a partnership that not only simplifies but also enriches your AML compliance process. Access streamlined AML checks and elevated ID verification for your clients, all at an exclusive discounted rate reserved for valued Will Aid firms. Ready to revolutionise your compliance approach? Arrange a demo today.

Trusted by businesses globally

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    Verify over 14,000 Government Issued IDs
    Onboard clients in over 200 countries worldwide
    Take digital payments in over 30 currencies
    Global sanction and PEPs screening

    How Verify 365 Works

    Better client engagement & interaction

    AML Compliance

    Everything you need to meet AML compliance including biometric NFC ID checks, Global Address Verification, Global PEPs/Sanctions checks and Source of Funds.

    Payment on Account

    Take fast Digital Payments on Account or by invoice and streamline cash operations within your firm.

    Document E-signatures

    Make signing documents easy and part of your onboarding for every client. Simply attach your document and send of for a secure E-signature.

    Business and individual verifications in real-time

    As part of our commitment to the Will Aid community, we’re delighted to extend a discounted rate for both standard and enhanced ID checks. This exclusive offer is a testament to our dedication to making your compliance journey not only efficient but also cost-effective.

    We invite you to explore this dynamic partnership further by arranging a demo. Our team is here to guide you through the features and benefits that Verify 365 brings to your legal practice. Together, we’ll pave the way for compliance excellence and streamlined processes.

    Real-time NFC biometric verifications to verify client’s identities and meet global and local regulatory obligations.
    Global PEPS/Sanctions checks of all global lists to ensure the client is not sanctioned.
    Generate invoice and payments requests in a few simple clicks and make taking payments easy and flexible for your clients boosting cash flow and intake.
    Automated address verification that verify the clients’ address by connecting to dozens of databases to confirm you are registered at the address given such as against the electoral register and other UK address sources.
    We provide full access to FCA-regulated Open Banking digital statements and Source of Funds analysis and reports, which have been fully integrated into the platform and provide an easy, visual way for lawyers to gather the correct source of funds information from their clients to manage compliance and money laundering risks.
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    Our end-to-end client onboarding solution from Payments to ID verification, AML checks, and Document E-signatures trusted by businesses worldwide.

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