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Effortlessly validate wealth sources by seamlessly incorporating Open Banking and harnessing the power of enhanced due diligence questionnaires, ensuring unwavering compliance and transparency in your practices.

  • Biometric Identity Checking
  • PEPs & Sanctions Checks
  • KYB Company Check
  • Source of funds
  • e-signatures
  • e-payments
  • Client Intake

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Traditional methods often lack the precision needed to ascertain the source of wealth, leaving room for ambiguity and risk. Our AI powered, Source of Funds solution is designed to provide unparalleled insight into the origin of funds, leveraging the power of Open Banking.

Source of Wealth Software for Law Firms,
Estate Agents, Accountants & IFAs


Biometric Identity Check

Maintain compliance through our proprietary technology Dynamic ID*.
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Peps & Sanctions Checks

Check your clients against 1400+ sanctions lists.
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Source of Funds

Verify source of funds using enhanced questionnaires.
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Get documents signed using fast and secure eSignatures.
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Make payment collection easier with our digital payments portal .
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KYB Company Checks

Get live access to global company and UBO data .
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Discover the end-to-end client onboarding journey for law firms, trusted by leading legal firms worldwide

Trusted by law firms globally

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    Source of Wealth Software


    Gain Comprehensive Understanding: Utilize Verify 365 to fully grasp where funds originate and their legitimacy.

    Advanced Analytics: Employ cutting-edge analytics to spot patterns and irregularities, enabling precise source of funds scrutiny.

    Tailored Due Diligence: Customize your verification process for specific industries and risk scenarios, ensuring accuracy.

    Regulatory Adherence: Stay aligned with changing regulations while simplifying your source of funds verification.

    Why Businesses Use Verify 365 for AML compliance

    Navigating AML and KYC in the legal sector has never been more demanding, requiring enhanced security, compliance, and efficiency. Verify 365 stands as the dependable solution relied upon by law firms worldwide. Whether it’s ensuring Source of Funds transparency or mitigating financial risks, we’ve got you covered.

    Questions about Source of Wealth Software?


    Source of Funds checks involve verifying the origin and legitimacy of funds used in transactions or business relationships. They are crucial for law firms to prevent money laundering, illegal activities, and financial risks while ensuring compliance with regulations.

    Verify 365 offers advanced digital checks, including biometric identity verification and Open Banking integration. These technologies enhance efficiency and accuracy in verifying clients’ identities and tracing the origin of funds, ensuring legality and mitigating risks.

    Law firms can customise their verification process based on risk levels. By gathering and reviewing pertinent documentation, such as financial records, bank statements, and transaction histories, firms can ensure accuracy and relevance in the verification process.

    Advanced analytics enable law firms to analyse audited accounts, rental income statements, and more, providing insights into clients’ wealth accumulation and financial activities. This deeper understanding aids in risk assessment and decision-making.

    Law firms should adopt a risk-based approach, assessing factors like the complexity of transactions, presence of gifts, and origin of funds. Consistency in explanations, alignment with expected information, and documentation of decision-making processes contribute to confident judgments.

    Verify 365 offers enhanced AML screening and sanctions on each client. Our comprehensive reports assist law firms in demonstrating their proactive, risk-averse policies and dedication to regulatory adherence.

    Open Banking provides real-time access to clients’ financial data, allowing law firms to analyse transactions and assets comprehensively. This technology-driven approach improves the accuracy of verification and enhances due diligence.

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    Discover the end-to-end client onboarding journey for law firms, trusted by leading legal firms

    Trusted by law firms globally

    See How our Solution Works

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