Speed up client onboarding with our AI-powered biometric ID verifications, AML compilance, source of funds checks, KYC, KYB, digital e-payments and qualified e-signatures.

  • Biometric Identity Checking
  • PEPs & Sanctions Checks
  • KYB Company Check
  • Source of funds
  • e-signatures
  • e-payments
  • Client Intake

Onboard clients quickly & easily
with full compliance

Traditional methods of ID verification in often fall short in today's complex digital climate. Documents received via email or copies of passports might be manipulated or misrepresented, making it challenging for law firms to guarantee client authenticity. With Verify 365, these concerns are mitigated by using ID verification software which is powered by biometric and NFC to provide law firms the clarity and confidence they need, cutting down onboarding times from weeks to mere minutes.

ID Verification Software for Law Firms,
Estate Agents, Accountants & IFAs


Biometric ID Check

Maintain compliance through our proprietary technology Dynamic ID*.
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Peps & Sanctions Checks

Check your clients against 1400+ sanctions lists.
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Source of Funds

Verify source of funds using enhanced questionnaires.
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Get documents signed using fast and secure eSignatures.
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Make payment collection easier with our digital payments portal .
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KYB Company Checks

Get live access to global company and UBO data .
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Discover the end-to-end client onboarding journey for law firms, trusted by leading legal firms worldwide

Trusted by law firms globally

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    ID Verification Software

    • Global Verification: Confirm over 10,000 government-issued IDs from 200+ countries.
    • AI-Powered Feedback: Real-time guidance for clients ensures quick and error-free submissions.
    • HM Land Registry Compliant: Stay ahead with our ‘Safe Harbour’ Digital Identity compliance.
    • Robust Anti-Fraud Systems: Comprehensive database checks against stolen documents and known fraudulent identities.
    Why Businesses Use Verify 365 for ID verification

    Navigating the challenges of the legal sector has never been more complex. With increasing demands for security, compliance, and efficiency, Verify 365 provides a solution that law firms globally rely on. From AML compliance to preventing identity theft, we’ve got you covered.

    Questions about ID Verification Software?


    Verify 365 offers a cutting-edge biometric KYC solution designed to streamline and secure client onboarding processes for law firms. It quickly verifies clients using government-grade technology, NFC checks, and facial recognition.

    Our software can verify over 10,000 government-issued documents from more than 200 countries worldwide.

    Yes, Verify 365 is fully compliant with the HM Land Registry’s ‘Safe Harbour’ Digital Identity standards, ensuring a high degree of accuracy and security in identity verification processes.

    The integrated AI provides real-time feedback to users during the verification process. It automatically identifies the document type, streamlining the procedure and offering guidance if there are issues with the submitted images.

    Absolutely. Verify 365 conducts comprehensive checks against databases to check for document fraudulence, and synthetic IDs, adding an extra layer of protection against identity theft.

    Verify 365 offers enhanced AML screening and sanctions on each client. Our comprehensive reports assist law firms in demonstrating their proactive, risk-averse policies and dedication to regulatory adherence.

    Our identity verification software can be implemented and operational within your firm in just a matter of days, minimising any disruption to your ongoing processes.

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    Discover the end-to-end client onboarding journey for law firms, trusted by leading legal firms

    Trusted by law firms globally

    See How our Solution Works

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