Adverse Media Screening

Stay one step ahead in compliance with our advanced Adverse Media Screening solution, a crucial component of our comprehensive AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYB (Know Your Business) procedures.

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Adverse media screening

Verify clients quickly & easily
using advanced Adverse Media Screening

In today's complex regulatory landscape, financial institutions and businesses are under increasing pressure to ensure they're not inadvertently involved in illicit activities. Adverse media, which includes negative news and reputation-damaging content associated with individuals or entities, can be a critical red flag. It's essential to identify and assess these risks comprehensively.

Adverse Media Screening for Law Firms,
Estate Agents, Accountants & IFAs


Biometric Identity Check

Maintain compliance through our proprietary technology Dynamic ID*.
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Peps & Sanctions Checks

Check your clients against 1400+ sanctions lists.
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Source of Funds

Verify source of funds using enhanced questionnaires.
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Get documents signed using fast and secure eSignatures.
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Make payment collection easier with our digital payments portal .
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KYB Company Checks

Get live access to global company and UBO data .
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Trusted by law firms globally

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    Our Adverse Media Screening Solution empowers you to effectively mitigate risks by thoroughly screening individuals and businesses against an extensive database of negative news sources and adverse content.

    Here’s why it matters:

    Comprehensive Coverage: We access a wide array of global news outlets, public records, and other sources to provide a comprehensive adverse media screening.

    Real-time Updates: Our solution is continuously updated, ensuring that you have the most current information at your fingertips. Risk Assessment: The software assesses adverse media hits, categorises them by risk level, and provides actionable insights.

    Streamlined Workflow: Seamlessly integrate Adverse Media Screening into your AML and KYB procedures for a streamlined compliance workflow.

    Customisation: Tailor our solution to match your specific risk thresholds and compliance requirements.

    Why Businesses Use Verify 365 for AML compliance

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    Questions about our Adverse Media Screening?


    Adverse Media Screening, also known as media monitoring or negative news screening, is a crucial aspect of customer due diligence (CDD). It involves comparing a customer or prospective customer against negative news and data sources. This screening helps firms identify potential issues before they become associated with them, safeguarding their reputation and ensuring compliance with anti-financial crime regulations.

    Adverse Media Screening poses several challenges, including the overwhelming volume of alerts and debates about their relevance. Finding reliable information in the era of fake news and misinformation can be difficult and time-consuming. Constantly monitoring unstructured news and data sources is complex and expensive.

    Verify 365 combines automated processes with manual review to enhance the effectiveness of Adverse Media Screening. It offers configurable search precision, ad-hoc screening, batch processing, and real-time screening, all of which are supported by client attributes, contextual information, and observed relationships.

    Adverse Media Screening best practices include setting clear risk appetite and performing risk assessments, screening at the right time, building checks based on credible news sources, creating and maintaining an audit trail, using the right technology to reduce burdens, and establishing a strong anti-financial crime culture. These practices help organizations identify special-interest and reputationally exposed persons and entities, enhancing protection against financial crime.

    For in-depth insights into Adverse Media Screening best practices, you can book a free demo with Verify 365. This demo provides a visual and practical approach to Adverse Media Screening and offers valuable recommendations to enhance your compliance efforts.

    Verify 365 offers a range of features and benefits that assist in ensuring AML compliance. From biometric identity checks to PEPS & sanctions checks, KYB company checks, source of funds verification, eSignatures, and more, our software provides a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance your compliance efforts.

    Absolutely, we understand that every business has unique AML checks requirements. Verify 365 offers tailored solutions that allow you to customize settings, reports, and alerts to match your specific needs perfectly. This flexibility ensures that our software aligns seamlessly with your business processes, making AML compliance a smooth and efficient process.

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    Discover the end-to-end client onboarding journey for law firms, trusted by leading legal firms

    Trusted by law firms globally

    See How our Solution Works

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