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Gain a comprehensive understanding of a company’s ownership structure in Denmark, including key individuals and potential risks, with Verify 365’s KYB Concierge Service. Our company summary provides valuable insights into their business activities, financial performance, and key personnel. Rest easy knowing that our KYB checks include thorough sanctions screening, giving you a complete picture of the company’s risk and compliance status.

Even if live company data is not readily available, Verify 365 has you covered. Our team meticulously verifies official documents, providing you with an extra layer of authentication. By customizing a report specifically tailored to your needs, we eliminate the risks associated with outdated, static data sources. You can make informed decisions confidently, knowing that you have the most comprehensive and up-to-date information about companies in Denmark at your fingertips.

Trust Verify 365’s KYB Concierge Service for reliable and accurate data, ensuring that you have the necessary information to assess ownership structures and potential risks in the Danish market. Count on us to provide you with up-to-date and reliable information about companies in Denmark, allowing you to proceed with confidence.

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How to conduct a KYB check for a Denmark based Company?

Step 1

Select Denmark and enter the name of the company you wish to find information for

Step 2

Identify the appropriate company and view available reports

Step 3

Select the required report and add it to your cart

Step 4

Checkout and complete your purchase

Step 5

View report/s and conduct the necessary due diligence

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Use Verify 365’s KYB service to purchase company reports based on your requirements

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Use Verify 365’s KYB service to purchase company reports based on your requirements

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Use Verify 365’s KYB service to purchase company reports based on your requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

Company Checks refer to the process of conducting due diligence on businesses to verify their legitimacy, ownership structure, compliance status, and assess potential risks associated with them.

KYB stands for Know Your Business. It is a process that businesses undertake to verify the identity of their corporate clients, understand their ownership structure, and assess the risks associated with engaging in business with them.

Our platform delivers live information, enabling you to stay ahead of the curve. With timely insights at your fingertips, you can meet compliance and make informed decisions about your company clients.

You can order comprehensive UK and international business checks with real-time business data extracted from commercial registers worldwide.

From the moment you submit your request to receiving the report, our efficient system ensures speedy completion of checks. The results are presented in an easily readable report, consolidating all the essential information you need.

Live data means accessing the most recent and accurate data from official sources, such as commercial registers and government databases, to ensure the information you have is up to date. Live data in KYB allows you to download reports instantly stay, identifying risk and recent changes from automated ‘live’ reports, such as company’s ownership structure and key individuals (UBO reports), financial history, and compliance risks.

In some regions, getting real-time information about businesses can be difficult because the data isn’t well recorded or accessible.

A UBO report refers to an Ultimate Beneficial Owner report. It provides information on the individuals who ultimately own or control a company. UBO reports are crucial in identifying the key decision-makers and understanding the ownership structure of a business.

Sanctions are measures imposed by governments or international bodies to restrict business activities with certain individuals, organisations, or countries due to legal, political, or security reasons. Including sanctions screening in company checks helps ensure compliance with regulations and avoids engaging with restricted entities.

Yes, Company Checks can include international businesses. International KYB checks allow businesses to verify the details and compliance status of companies operating in different countries, enabling a comprehensive understanding of their global business partners.

Company Checks play a vital role in AML compliance for businesses. By verifying corporate clients, conducting UBO reports, and screening for sanctions, businesses can identify and mitigate the risk of money laundering activities, ensuring compliance with AML regulations.

The timeframe for receiving Company Check results can vary depending on the complexity of the checks and the availability of data. With efficient platforms and services, it is possible to receive results within minutes or hours for many routine checks.

The requirement for Company Checks may vary depending on factors such as industry regulations, anti-money laundering laws, and the nature of business relationships. However, in the legal and financial sector, especially where a financial transaction is being undertaken, conducting thorough due diligence is mandatory and highly recommended to mitigate risks and ensure compliance.

The Concierge Service is an enhanced offering by Verify 365 that provides a custom and detailed report for businesses operating in jurisdictions where live data may not be readily available. It goes beyond traditional checks to gather comprehensive information on companies, including UBO verification, company summaries, PEPs and sanctions screening, and official document verification.

The Concierge Service is especially valuable in jurisdictions where live data isn’t easily accessible or well-recorded. These are typically countries where business information systems may be less developed, making it challenging to obtain up-to-date and reliable data.

Yes, Verify 365’s Concierge Service focuses on gathering the most accurate and current information possible through thorough research and verification processes. While it may not provide real-time live data, it ensures a detailed and reliable understanding of the company’s information and compliance status through Verify 365 KYB Analyst.

The timeframe for delivering the custom report may vary depending on the complexity of the research required and the availability of data. However, the goal is to provide the comprehensive report in a timely manner, ensuring that it meets your compliance and decision-making timelines.

Verify 365 KYB Company Checks Guide

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