Simplifying AML Compliance: HMRC’s Relaxation for Pension Plans

Earlier this year, we shared insights on the evolving landscape of anti-money laundering (AML) regulations and the necessary steps for UK pension plan trustees to ensure compliance. These regulations were implemented in line with the EU’s fourth money laundering directive, reflecting the commitment to bolster financial transparency.

Reporting Duties and the Trust Registration Service

The reporting requirement, often tied to HMRC’s Trust Registration Service, has seen a welcome relaxation for registered pension plans. This requirement involves trustees’ obligation to register a “taxable relevant trust,” triggered by liabilities to specific taxes including income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, and more.

Exemption for Registered Pension Plans

The great news is that HMRC has announced a significant update. Trustees of registered pension plans, specifically those registered under Pension Schemes Online or Manage and Register Pension Scheme services, are now exempt from the Trust Registration Service registration. This change aims to simplify processes and ease administrative burdens.

HMRC’s Revised Guidance: A Step Forward

While HMRC is in the process of updating its guidance, the draft version outlines that trustees who have already registered on the Trust Registration Service need not take any further action. Importantly, there will be no penalties for trustees who haven’t registered. We will remain vigilant and provide updates in case the situation evolves.

Future Considerations and Compliance

For unregistered pension plans like EFRBS, the reporting duties and registration requirements remain. As we delve into the realm of the fifth money laundering directive,  implemented in January 2020, it’s crucial to assess the wider implications of compliance.

The Verify 365 Advantage

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Choose a Trusted Partner in Compliance

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