The prominent international body, Financial Action Task Force (FATF), has announced the inclusion of EU member state Bulgaria to its “grey list,” signifying a heightened watch for countries.

Countries that land on this list exhibit “notable gaps” in their strategies to thwart money laundering and terrorist funding. However, it’s acknowledged that these countries, including Bulgaria, are actively collaborating with FATF to address these issues.

With this latest addition, the list now comprises 23 countries, noting the recent removal of Panama and the Cayman Islands.

Over 200 nations and territories have committed to the guidelines set by FATF. The organization conducts periodic assessments of global efforts in halting money laundering, terrorism funding, and the illegal spread of weaponry.

Apart from the “grey list”, FATF maintains a “black list” highlighting countries deemed high-risk.

Currently, countries are advised to implement specific measures against Iran and North Korea to safeguard against illicit financing activities. Additionally, enhanced scrutiny is recommended for dealings related to Myanmar.

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