Los Angeles, California – 2 October 2023 – Verify 365, the award-winning regulation technology (“regtech”) platform, is thrilled to announce its strategic expansion targeting law firms in California.

Having recently earned the Technology Company of the Year 2023 title in the United Kingdom, Verify 365 has been a force in the legal tech domain. Rudi Kesic, CEO of Lawtech 365 Group, the company behind Verify 365 risk and compliance technology platform, remarked, “Being hailed as the most innovative and rapidly growing legal tech company worldwide is a testament to our commitment. We aim to innovate and develop tech platforms for lawyers by lawyers. Targeting the California market showcases our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions to North American law firms, all served by our team based in Denver, Colorado. Our innovative technology provides comprehensive solutions for law firms in the US and Canada, assisting them with fraud prevention, ID checks, and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance.”

Sarah Arnold, COO at Lawtech 365 Group, added, “Verify 365 is more than just a tech platform – it’s an essential tool in the fight against financial crimes and for upholding trust in the legal sector.”

As AML compliance requirements intensify in the US, Verify 365 stands out as a streamlined solution that aligns with US AML compliance norms. Commenting on the intricate regulatory environment in California, Rudi underscores the importance of AML checks and identity verification, highlighting how technology like Verify 365 can refine these processes.

Rudi added, “Compliance is the foundation in the legal profession’s integrity.” He adds that embracing technology like Verify 365 is crucial for law firms in California and beyond, especially international law firms that have offices in the UK, Europe and Australia.

“In this digital age, adopting and integrating technology like Verify 365 isn’t an option, it’s a necessity for ethical, compliant, and effective legal practice,” comments Rudi. “Our expansion to serve the California market emphasises our commitment to assist law firms in navigating the modern legal landscape in the US.”

Rudi adds that the integration between Actionstep practice management software and Verify 365 risk and compliance technology offers a seamless experience for law firms aiming to enhance their operational efficiency and compliance.

“Law firms utilising Actionstep, a renowned practice management system, can now leverage the powerful features of Verify 365 directly within their existing interface. This cohesive integration ensures that attorneys can conduct fraud prevention, ID checks, and maintain AML compliance without having to juggle multiple platforms. With Verify 365’s comprehensive tools now embedded in Actionstep, law firms have a unified solution that not only streamlines their client onboarding processes but also fortifies their practice against potential financial crimes and compliance breaches.”

With Verify 365 at the helm, Lawtech 365 Group is poised to redefine legal tech standards in AML compliance, ID verification and fraud prevention.