Clients of the troubled legal firm Axiom Ince have been informed of its imminent shutdown, according to internal sources. An email circulating among the clients, viewed by industry insiders, confirms the ongoing process of winding down Axiom Ince Limited, which is slated to cease trading soon.

The undisclosed partner who disseminated the message has reportedly secured a new position, inquiring clients about their preference regarding their file management, given the firm’s approaching closure.

The rapid dissolution of Axiom Ince, highlighted by the urgent request to clients for immediate action, underscores the firm’s precarious situation. The email indicates uncertainty regarding the firm’s ongoing claims against its former Managing Partner, Pragnesh Modhwadia, who is accused of a substantial financial discrepancy involving the client account.

Internal communications regarding the closure appear to be scarce, leaving staff members in a state of uncertainty and abandonment, as described by insiders. The abrupt notification of the firm’s cessation caught many unawares, exacerbating the anxiety and concern among the remaining 400 business services staff, who find themselves in a challenging position amid the upheaval.

In light of the recent events, Rudi Kesic, CEO of Verify 365, expressed his support for the employees of Axiom Ince. “In these tumultuous times, the unwavering spirit and resilience of the Axiom Ince team shine as a beacon of professional commitment. The legal community stands together, ready to aid in the transition and offer opportunities to the talented individuals impacted by this unfortunate situation,” said Kesic.

While many of the firm’s partners and lawyers have transitioned to new roles, the remaining staff face an uncertain future. Industry colleagues are encouraged to extend their support and explore opportunities for the incorporation of the experienced and committed non-fee-earning staff of Axiom Ince into their teams.

For additional information insights, and anonymous contributions from Axiom Ince affiliates, further coverage is anticipated in the coming days and can be found here.

Axiom Ince is yet to release an official statement regarding the matter.