London, 08/09/23 – Helen Smith Immigration, a leading firm specialising in corporate immigration matters, has taken a significant leap forward in ensuring compliance, streamlining AML and ID checks, and expediting their beneficial ownership verifications. The firm has achieved this milestone through its partnership with Verify 365, a cutting-edge identity verification and compliance solution provider.

Helen Smith Immigration’s primary focus is on assisting founders, entrepreneurs, and rapidly growing businesses in implementing long-term UK immigration strategies. Their mission is to facilitate the seamless integration of world-leading talent, ensuring it’s in the right place at the right time. Specialisations include Tech Nation Global Talent Visas, innovators, Skilled Worker sponsorship, and Brexit-related immigration for Europeans. The firm also extends its expertise to family-related immigration, aiding relatives of British or European residents, as well as British citizenship applications.

Azeem Rashid, Director of Verify 365, emphasised the importance of this partnership: “Helen Smith Immigration’s commitment to providing top-tier immigration solutions aligns perfectly with our mission to enhance compliance and efficiency in AML compliance. By leveraging our AI-driven platform, they gain a robust toolkit to meet their clients’ needs while ensuring regulatory compliance.”

In their journey to address the unique immigration needs of a diverse clientele, Helen Smith Immigration recognised the critical importance of robust identity verification, compliance, and due diligence checks, particularly when dealing with corporate immigration matters. To meet these demands, the firm sought a reliable solution that could not only streamline their operations but also enhance their ability to verify the beneficial ownership of companies globally.

Helen Smith, Founder of Helen Smith Immigration, shared her perspective: “Our clients rely on us to navigate the complex landscape of immigration law with efficiency and precision. Verify 365 will be an invaluable partner in achieving this goal. With their advanced AI-powered technology, we can now provide a higher level of service, ensuring that our clients’ immigration processes are not only streamlined but also thoroughly compliant with regulations.”

One of the key challenges Helen Smith Immigration faced was the need for efficient verification of beneficial ownership, especially when dealing with clients in the tech sector. Entrepreneurs, fast-growing businesses, and Tech Nation visa applicants often require meticulous scrutiny of their backgrounds and the companies they represent. Verify 365’s advanced AI-powered technology simplifies this process, allowing for rapid and accurate verification.

Verify 365’s platform seamlessly integrates Open Banking, biometric identity checks, and intelligent data analysis, providing Helen Smith Immigration with a comprehensive toolkit to verify the legitimacy of funds and identities while ensuring regulatory compliance. This approach not only streamlines their operations but also enhances the firm’s ability to make informed decisions regarding their clients’ immigration matters.

Helen Smith Immigration has a rich history of success in Skilled Worker sponsorship applications and navigating the complexities of post-licensing complications. By embracing Verify 365, they have taken a proactive step towards fortifying their reputation as a trusted and efficient partner for clients ranging from start-up entrepreneurs to VC-backed scale-ups.

As the world of corporate immigration law continues to evolve, Helen Smith Immigration’s collaboration with Verify 365 reflects their commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry. By embracing innovative solutions, they ensure their clients receive the world-class service and expertise they deserve.

About Helen Smith Immigration

Helen Smith Immigration is a leading firm specialising in corporate immigration matters, with a strong focus on helping founders, entrepreneurs, and fast-growing businesses implement their long-term UK immigration strategies. The firm offers a wide range of immigration services, including Tech Nation Global Talent Visas, innovators, Skilled Worker sponsorship, Brexit-related immigration for Europeans, family-related immigration, and applications for British citizenship.

About Verify 365

Verify 365 is a cutting-edge identity verification and compliance solution provider. Their platform leverages AI-powered technology to streamline AML checks, ID verifications, and source of funds inquiries. Verify 365’s mission is to empower organisations to efficiently verify identities, ensure regulatory compliance, and enhance the accuracy of due diligence checks.