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Verify 365 Announces Integration with Actionstep

A market leading, legal, anti-money laundering (AML) solution, Verify 365, has completed and announced their integration with an established, best in class, Case Management System, Actionstep.   Verify 365 established in 2021 provides a marketing leading client AML solution directly … Read More

Four things too look for in a new AML solution

With us all slowly coming back to a sense of reality having had the chance to escape work and professional obligations thanks to Christmas and New Year, you might now start looking closely at your practice and thinking to yourself. … Read More

2021’s Lawtech Wrap-Up: How has the industry Changed

As of writing this article there are still 12 days left of 2021 so assuming there isn’t some sort of ground-breaking change in the industry, I think it is safe to begin our wrap up of Lawtech in 2021 and … Read More

Should the SRA introduce tougher sanctions for anti-money laundering breaches in the legal sector?

We have recently seen the Solicitors Regulation Authority fining law firms across England and Wales due to a perceived lack of AML compliance. There are some in the legal sector that wave these stories off as purely anecdotal and not … Read More

How to stay cyber aware & safe – Top 5 tricks to keeping your law firm safe

Imagine this, you’re walking down the street, mind your own business thinking about the events that took place prior to you that day. Maybe it was court hearing, maybe you met an important client for coffee and lunch or maybe … Read More

UAE creates specialist AML court to further strengthen its AML regulations

The United Arab Emirates have announced a new division of its court system established specifically to hear cases relating to money laundering and financial crime. This new Court, an integral element of the UAE’s National Action Plan to combat offences … Read More

Why do lawyers insist on holding onto the old ways?

Imagine this. You are driving down the motorway at the actual speed limit of 70MPH in your lovely shiny new car. As you come up to your junction, you signal left. As you come off your junction you slam on … Read More

How Does Verify 365 Work – Infographic

Recently our wonderful design team here at Verify 365 created an infographic detailing how our system works. After careful consideration, we realised that the infographic is to good to share privately so we thought we’d share it with you. The … Read More

What is the “Safe Harbour” status for legal matters?

Cast your mind only a couple of years back into the past and consider how the vast majority of client anti-money laundering (AML) checks and ID Verifications were performed. Most law practices required clients to come into their office to … Read More